Top Tips to Place Bets on Horse Races

There are lots of activities for venturous people on the internet. Some users go to Playamo Casino to gamble on slot machines. Others choose betting on different sports. Horse racing competitions are one of the most popular options. Before placing bets on races, you need to understand the rules. Keep reading to find out how to avoid unnecessary spending, avoiding annoying defeats.

Correct Bets on the Pace of the Race

You can determine the horse to bet on the pace of the race. Before the start of the competition, we choose the most powerful sprinter horses and bet on a few most likely winners. It is possible to use the dutching system. It will help to optimize expenses and make the profit equal, regardless of the winners.

If the pace of the race is medium or low, it makes sense to look at the participants who run in the middle or even at the end.

It is important to have in stock a few horses that pass well in the first half of the course, but then get worse in the second. If you bet against them getting into the three, you can earn good money. It is useful to check the candidates once again before placing bets.

Type of Races and Tracks in Betting on Races

Track type is very important. That’s why you should always pay attention to the results of a horse at the same tournament in the past years. This will allow people to understand how much it can withstand the competition.

For example, some horses overcome obstacles perfectly, when they perform without a jockey. And they also achieve modest results with a jockey on short distances. And vice versa, many horses show results only with a jockey.

The length of the track is also of great importance. Here, as well as in athletics, swimming, there is a division into stayers and sprinters. It is not productive to bet on horse racing without taking into account such a criterion.

Special attention should be paid to races with jumps at different distances. If on the plain tracks, much depends on the physical condition of the participants, then in the race with obstacles technique is important. If a horse just runs fast but jumps the barriers badly, its results will not be high.

A Few Significant Criteria

Except for the pace and track type, you should pay attention to the following criteria to place bets:

  • The age of the horse. A young horse has a better chance than its older rivals on short distances. But if you are a lover of long distance racing, then the experience is more essential.
  • The weight of the jockey. On average, the weight of a jockey is 60 kilos. But beginners are allowed to exceed this limit for better balance with the horse. So, it becomes clear that the lighter a jockey, the more experienced he is and has a better chance to win.
  • The weather, as in other outdoor sports, can bring unexpected results when the favorites are inferior to the outsiders. Thus, before you make a bet, you should specify the weather conditions at the racetrack.

After all, it’s not so hard to place bets if you know these criteria and follow them. By learning more about races, you will get more profit.