MLB Baseball Free Picks and Today’s Expert Predictions [2022]

Welcome to UltimateCapper’s Free MLB Betting Picks section. We will update this page everyday throughout the MLB season with free picks from UltimateCapper. We will have previews and analysis of select games all year long. Keep checking back here for all your Free Baseball Winners.

Regular Season: 39-52 -945
4-1 +329 Run!
2021 All Picks: 1124-1177-11 +$6757

9-6 +180 Run!


Monday’s MLB Free Picks [All Games]

Monday 5/23
Mets (Peterson) +115 over Giants (Cobb)
Blue Jays (Berrios) -105 over Cardinals (Mikolas)


Sunday 5/22
Padres (Gore) +119 over Giants (Wood) WIN

Saturday 5/21
Braves (Wright) -120 over Marlins (Hernandez) WIN
Royals (Keller) +133 over Twins (Ryan) LOSS

Friday 5/20
Padres (Manaea) +100 over Giants (Junis) WIN

Thursday 5/19
Reds (Mahle) +110 over Guardians (Quantrill) WIN

Wednesday 5/18
Reds (Mahle) +117 over Guardians (Quantrill) PPD

Tuesday 5/17
Nationals (Adon) +144 over Marlins (Poteet) LOSS

Monday 5/16
Braves vs Brewers Free Pick WIN
Astros (Odorizzi) +105 over Red Sox (Whitlock) LOSS

Sunday 5/15
Orioles (Wells) +122 over Tigers (Skubal) LOSS
Mets (Carrasco) -131 over Mariners (Ray) LOSS
Royals (Lynch) +117 over Rockies (Gomber) WIN

Saturday 5/14
Marlins (Rogers) +124 over Brewers (Lauer) WIN
Royals (Hernandez) +145 over Rockies (Marquez) LOSS

Friday 5/13
Blue Jays vs Rays Free Pick LOSS
Orioles (Lyles) +128 over Tigers (Rodriguez) LOSS
Rangers (Dunning) -111 over Red Sox (Pivetta) LOSS

Thursday 5/12
Phillies (Wheeler) +125 over Dodgers (Anderson) WIN
Yankees (Gil) +128 over White Sox (Cease) WIN

Wednesday 5/11
Nationals (Sanchez) +160 over Mets (Megill) WIN
Angels (Ohtani) -120 over Rays (McClanahan) LOSS

Tuesday 5/10
Diamondbacks (Bumgarner) +127 over Marlins (Luzardo) WIN
Rockies (Senzatela) +160 over Giants (Wood) LOSS
Astros (Verlander) -1.5 +135 over Twins (Ryan) WIN

Monday 5/9
Dodgers (Urias) at Pirates (Quintana) OVER 7.5 +105 LOSS

Sunday 5/8
Braves (Morton) -115 over Brewers (Ashby) WIN
Dodgers (Buehler) -1.5 -120 over Cubs (Stroman) WIN

Saturday 5/7
Padres (Manaea) -122 over Marlins (Lopez) LOSS

Friday 5/6
White Sox (Velasquez) +155 over Red Sox (Eovaldi) WIN

Thursday 5/5
Blue Jays (Berrios) -1.5 +115 over Guardians (Civale) LOSS
Rays (McClanahan) -110 over Mariners (Ray) WIN

Wednesday 5/4
Padres vs Guardians Free Pick LOSS
Nationals (Corbin) +125 over Rockies (Gomber) LOSS

Tuesday 5/3
Padres vs Guardians Free Pick PPD
Nationals (Fedde) +138 over Rockies (Marquez) WIN
Orioles (Zimmermann) +160 over Twins (Ryan) LOSS

Monday 5/2
White Sox (Cease) -121 over Angels (Sandoval) WIN
Royals (Greinke) +143 over Cardinals (Matz) LOSS

Sunday 5/1
Mariners (Gilbert) vs Marlins (Alcantara) UNDER 7 -110 LOSS
Nationals (Gray) +160
over Giants (Cobb) WIN
Phillies (Eflin) +155 over Mets (Scherzer) LOSS

Saturday 4/30
Mariners (Ray) -117 over Marlins (Luzardo) LOSS

Friday 4/29
Rockies (Senzatela) -118 over Reds (Greene) WIN
Blue Jays (Kikuchi) -113 over Astros (Urquidy) LOSS
White Sox (Giolito) -121 over Angels (Syndergaard) NO PLAY

Thursday 4/28
Braves (Wright) -1.5 +105 over Cubs (Smyly) WIN
Blue Jays (Manoah) -1.5 +125 over Red Sox (Whitlock) LOSS
Guardians (Quantrill) +142 over Angels (Detmers) LOSS

Wednesday 4/27
Braves (Morton) -1.5 -107 over Cubs (Leiter) LOSS
Tigers (Pineda) +160 over Twins (Ryan) LOSS

Tuesday 4/26
Mets (Bassitt) -110 over Cardinals (Hicks) WIN
Astros (Odorizzi) -112 over Rangers (Hearn) WIN
Guardians (McKenzie) +136 over Angels (Sandoval) LOSS

Monday 4/25
Astros (Valdez) vs Rangers (Dunning) OVER9 +100 LOSS
Blue Jays (Berrios) -1.5 +150
over Red Sox (Eovaldi) WIN

Sunday 4/24
Phillies (Nola) -1.5 +120 over Brewers (Lauer) LOSS

Saturday 4/23
A’s (Montas) -118 over Rangers (Perez) LOSS

Friday 4/22
Pirates (Quintana) +143 over Cubs (Smyly) WIN
Blue Jays (Stripling) +152 over Astros (Verlander) WIN
Mariners (Flexen) -128 over Royals (Keller) WIN

Thursday 4/21
Nationals (Rogers) -1.5 +150 over D’backs (Davies) LOSS
Blue Jays (Gausman) -115 over Red Sox (Houck) WIN

Wednesday 4/20
Mets (Bassitt) -105 over Giants (Rodon) LOSS
Rays (Rasmussen) -110 over Cubs (Stroman) WIN

Tuesday 4/19
Yankees vs Tigers Free Pick LOSS
Braves (Fried) +140 over Dodgers (Buehler) WIN
Blue Jays (Kikuchi) +123 over Red Sox (Eovaldi) LOSS
Mets (Megill) -118 over Giants (Cobb) WIN

Monday 4/18
Mets (Megill) -114 over Giants (Cobb) PPD
Braves (Ynoa) +168 over Dodgers (Kershaw) LOSS

Sunday 4/17
Tigers (Alexander) +115 over Royals (Hernandez) PPD
Rangers (Perez) +110 over Angels (Suarez) LOSS

Saturday 4/16
Brewers (Houser) -115 over Cardinals (Matz) LOSS

Friday 4/15
Braves (Wright) -105 over Padres (Gore) WIN
Red Sox (Pivetta) -110 over Twins (Ryan) LOSS
Guardians (Plesac) +135 over Giants (Rodon) LOSS

Thursday 4/14
Angels vs Rangers Free Pick LOSS
Braves (Morton) -115 over Padres (Musgrove) LOSS

Wednesday 4/13
Padres (Manaea) +108 over Giants (Webb) LOSS
Guardians (McKenzie) +117 over Reds (Lodolo) WIN

Tuesday 4/12
Padres (Darvish) -118 over Giants (Cobb) LOSS
Tigers (Alexander) +123 over Red Sox (Hill) LOSS

Monday 4/11
Mets vs Phillies Free Pick WIN
Padres (Martinez) +122 over Giants (Wood) WIN
Rangers (Hearn) -120 over Rockies (Gomber) LOSS

Sunday 4/10
Red Sox vs Yankees Free Pick LOSS
Marlins (Rogers) +110 over Giants (DeSclafani) LOSS
Tigers (Skubal) +125 over White Sox (Kopech) LOSS
Astros (Urquidy) -105 over Angels (Suarez) WIN

Saturday 4/9
Marlins (Lopez) +130 over Giants (Rodon) WIN
Tigers (Mize) +133 over White Sox (Cease) LOSS

Friday 4/8
Rangers vs Blue Jays Free Pick LOSS
Red Sox (Eovaldi) +150 over Yankees (Cole) LOSS
Twins (Ryan) -105 over Mariners (Ray) LOSS

Thursday 4/7
Astros vs Angels Free Pick WIN
Royals (Greinke) +108 over Guardians (Bieber) WIN

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2021 Regular Season: 168-174 +291
2021 All Picks: 1124-1177-11 +6757
2021 Playoffs: 15-22 -851
2020 Regular Season: 25-37-1 -1498
2020 Playoffs: 24-29-0 -673
2019 Regular Season: 131-111-0 +1447
2019 Playoffs: 18-18-0 +87
2018: 107-112-0 -900
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