BetUS Sports & Horse-Race Wagering, Casino Review & Bonus Info fully endorses the top North American Sportsbook, BetUS.

Since 1994, BetUS has proudly presented an all-encompassing gaming experience, unparalleled in the industry. With a growing roster of satisfied customers numbering in the hundreds of thousands, BetUS has become the ‘go-to’ site for both the casual and serious player.

After 28 years of sportsbook, racebook and casino action at BetUS, what hasn’t changed is our appreciation for, and devotion to, our customers.

BetUS offers U.S.-based players all of the major sports, leading North American horse tracks and an unmatched roster of state-of-the-art casino games. “There’s something for everyone” is not just an expression at BetUS.

Bet. Win. Collect. – The next time BetUS fails to pay is the first time BetUS fails to pay. Have we mentioned fast as well?

Gimme More – There’s a plethora of bonus offers, including new player, existing player, cash/crypto deposits, sports betting, casino betting, etc. If you can wager on it, there’s a good chance a bonus goes with it. Try a 300% referral bonus, 200% crypto-deposit bonus, 150% match bonus, just to whet the appetite. Take a moment and visit for those, and more.

Lovable Insomniacs – We don’t sleep. BetUS has superb customer service available 24/7, live or on-line, to assist our customers.

We Are Totally Legit – BetUS is completely certified and 100% legal as a provider of interactive casino gaming and a platform for sports and horse-race wagering. If such wagering is legal in your jurisdiction, then we’re good.

You’re the Boss – BetUS offers the full casino experience, all without having to travel to a casino. Live dealer, video poker, slots, all sorts of blackjack and a full array of table games are among the popular options at the BetUS casino.

…and don’t forget the bonuses.

Virtually, No Issues – BetUS accepts crypto deposits and offers crypto withdrawals, once again with prompt and professional service and without fees. Do not forget those best-in-the-industry, crypto-only bonuses offered by BetUS

You Have a Gimmick? – BetUS offers the widest array of parlays and prop bets, and not just more sports and horses. Politics, pop culture and pretty much anything in between. In other words, fun wagers abound.

We’re Both Mobile – BetUS is available in a convenient ‘to-go’ size. Whatever you do on your desktop or laptop, try it on your phone or other portable device.

Very Simply, It’s Simple – BetUS has built a site that’s extremely easy to navigate, whatever your game or wager of choice. For some reason, if you can’t find whatever you’re looking for, find us. Always here, always ready to help.

Teachable Moments – If you’re looking for stats, trends, game previews, head-to-head results, etc., look no further. BetUS has those since, as a wise person once said, “Knowledge is power” (we may be paraphrasing) Researching before wagering is never a bad thing. In other words, use our resources. We’d hate to think they’re there for no reason.

Info Is Intact – What’s non-negotiable for BetUS is a customer not having faith in our operation. A non-starter. Security and privacy are a given at BetUS, and the day they’re not, we’re done here. We even have independent, non-affiliated professionals looking over our shoulder, ensuring you get the safest gaming experience. We lose your trust, we lose your business.

BetUS Casino is committed to offering the best in casino gaming, adding new and exciting games if not daily, then close to it. There’s something to suit every player at every playing level at BetUS casino.

For the ‘rookie,’ there’s helpful, easy-to-digest instructions, so there’s no reason to be intimidated. That way, before long, you’ll be a pro with your own favorite game(s).

If you require assistance, reach out. We’re here to help, and we don’t bite.

Let’s not gloss over the bonuses, specifically for you casino players. A 250% bonus (match bonus to $5,000), 150% bonuses (match bonus $3,000), cash- casino-exclusive bonus, plus the ever-popular daily specials. If the day of the week has ‘day’ in it, there’s something good happening for the casino player.

Visit for all the information, and check back often.

Before we leave this section, remember that all casino games at BetUS are constantly monitored by independent gaming authorities to ensure both randomness and fairness. There’s never been an integrity issue at BetUS casino.