Kentucky Derby Point Standings [2024]

The “Kentucky Derby Prep Season” is here and the action heats up with each series being worth more points as we approach the Kentucky Derby. The series runs from the Iroquois Stakes at Churchill Downs in mid-September through the John Battaglia Memorial at Turfway Park in early March. The 20 horses with the most points will earn a spot in the starting gate on the first Saturday in May. We will update this page after every weekend. In the meantime, check out all of our other Free Horse Picks.

Through April 8
1Sierra Leone155$871,250Chad C. Brown
2Fierceness136$1,646,100Todd A. Pletcher
3Catching Freedom125$802,000Brad H. Cox
4Stronghold125$742,800Philip D'Amato
5Resilience110$416,000William I. Mott
6Forever Young (JPN)100$1,769,919Yoshito Yahagi
7Endlessly100$658,000Michael McCarthy
bypassingTimberlake81$1,132,500Brad H. Cox
8Dornoch75$475,375Danny Gargan
9Just a Touch75$247,500Brad H. Cox
10Track Phantom70$300,000Steven M. Asmussen
11West Saratoga67$363,640Larry Demeritte
12Just Steel65$628,295D. Wayne Lukas
13Honor Marie65$448,455Whitworth D. Beckman
14Domestic Product60$260,500Chad C. Brown
15Catalytic50$186,000Saffie Joseph Jr.
16Deterministic50$180,000Christophe Clement
17Society Man50$147,875Danny Gargan
18Mystik Dan46$550,050Kenneth G. McPeek
19No More Time45$194,380Jose D'Angelo
20Grand Mo the First40$164,250Victor Barboza Jr.
21Common Defense37$253,450Kenneth G. McPeek
22Epic Ride35$198,315John Ennis
23Hades30$189,800Joseph Orseno
24Uncle Heavy30$167,500Robert E. Reid Jr.
25El Grande O30$151,000Linda Rice
26Seize the Grey27$113,163D. Wayne Lukas
27Le Dom Bro25$131,000Eniel Cordero
not nominatedE J Won the Cup25$126,000Doug F. O'Neill
28Pandagate25$100,206Christophe Clement
29Tuscan Gold25$100,000Chad C. Brown
30Protective25$75,000Todd A. Pletcher
31Encino20$88,280Brad H. Cox
injuredLocked19$538,050Todd A. Pletcher
32Liberal Arts19$225,825Robert Medina
33Curlin's Kaos19$64,400Antonio Garcia
34Mc Vay19$48,500John Shirreffs
35Northern Flame18$143,800Kenneth G. McPeek
36Informed Patriot18$111,140Steven M. Asmussen
37Little Jeremy16$119,200William Morey
38Scatify16$42,000John W. Sadler
39Mendelssohn Bay15$165,369Bhupat Seemar
not nominatedFrankie's Empire15$163,100Michael Yates
40Triple Espresso15$118,600Todd A. Pletcher
41Lonesome Boy15$94,314Hugo Padilla
42Conquest Warrior15$46,500Claude R. McGaughey III
not nominatedMugatu14$30,107Jeff Engler
43Nash13$164,000Brad H. Cox
injuredDrum Roll Please13$112,500Brad H. Cox
44Agate Road10$214,750Todd A. Pletcher
45Otto the Conqueror10$207,500Steven M. Asmussen
46Alotaluck10$105,360Ty Garrett
47Dancing Groom10$88,902Antonio Sano
not nominatedWoodcourt10$78,275Cipriano Contreras
48Maximus Meridius10$48,000Robert Reid Jr.
49Navy Seal10$42,668Aidan O'Brien
50Tapalo10$35,000John W. Sadler
51Real Macho10$30,000Rohan Crichton
52Good Money10$30,000Chad C. Brown
not nominatedRisk It8$83,838Steven M. Asmussen
53Moonlight7$59,000Todd A. Pletcher
54Lat Long6$32,500Kenneth G. McPeek
55Lightline6$31,500Brad H. Cox
56Blue Eyed George6$27,740Michael McCarthy
not nominatedGlengarry5$332,025Doug Anderson
57The Wine Steward5$219,010Michael J. Maker
not nominatedGeneral Partner5$140,000Chad C. Brown
58Real Men Violin5$82,050Kenneth G. McPeek
59Dimatic5$78,750Steven M. Asmussen
60Awesome Road5$60,008Brad H. Cox
61Khanate5$28,000Todd A. Pletcher
inactiveSnead5$20,000Brendan Walsh
62Capital Idea5$12,000Christophe Clement
63Heartened5$10,500Todd A. Pletcher
64Inveigled4$59,750Jane Cibelli
65Elysian Meadows4$32,500William I. Mott
66Gettysburg Address4$26,200Brad H. Cox
67Deposition4$22,500Uriah St. Louis
injuredEthan Energy4$8,000Brad H. Cox
not nominatedMagic Grant3$134,250Eddie Milligan Jr.
68Be You3$66,500Todd A. Pletcher
not nominatedGenerous Tipper3$57,750Kenneth G. McPeek
inactiveStretch Ride3$39,025Dale L. Romans
not nominatedGold Sweep2$149,300Steven M. Asmussen
69Fulmineo2$61,000Arnaud Delacour
not nominatedRaging Torrent2$60,000Doug F. O'Neill
70Footprint2$52,500Kenneth G. McPeek
not nominatedThird Street2$25,380Shawn H. Davis
inactiveRegalo2$10,000Brittany Russell
71Moonlit Sonata2$8,000Tim Yakteen
inactiveOde to Balius2$6,160Concepcion Torres
72Tizzy Indy2$4,000J. Keith Desormeaux
not nominatedSweet Soddy J1$165,250Raymond Ginter Jr.
euthanizedWhere's Chris1$110,500Richard E. Dutrow Jr.
inactiveAir Cav1$33,500Brad H. Cox
not nominatedRothschild1$26,500Tim Yakteen
not nominatedMy Buddy Mel1$24,000Danny Pish
not nominatedAce of Clubs1$19,500Doug F. O'Neill
inactiveEdified1$16,797Steven M. Asmussen