Sportsbook Software Review

A Pay Per Head that offers you a true solution

Perhaps there is no such thing as the perfect pay per head service, at least not one that will satisfy everyone’s needs or expectations 100%, but there are a few companies that sure go the extra mile to try and get very close to that 100% customer satisfaction, and that effort deserves to be recognized. is without a doubt one of these companies, with almost 20 years in the business, their experience is evident from the moment you speak to a representative, these are no rookies.

The service offered by is superior to many other more “popular” or renown brands in the business; and this is maybe one of their strengths too. The fact that they don’t do as much advertising and try to keep a low profile is one of the reasons many agents prefer them, after all, confidentiality and security are highly valued in the pay per head industry.

Hassle-free setup

Making your life easier is what they strive for, they allow you six FREE weeks to test their system, which if way more than most companies give you, this is because they trust their product, they know what they offer and they want you to test it, because once you do, you’ll likely won’t go back to your old pay per head service. Setting up with them is fairly easy, they guide your through the process step-by-step and do much of the work for you. Whether you are setting up your PPH for the first time or you are switching over, they will help you understand the different key elements you need to consider. If you need a brand new site, they will assist you with this as well, and you’ll have a nice-looking website that is accessible not only on desktop computer but also mobile-friendly.

One of the weaknesses most pay per head companies have has to do with their customer service; not in this case, their staff  speaks great English and they have been properly trained to know how to handle even complicated situations without having to put you on hold 5 times to ask their supervisor, that alone is refreshing. They have also concerned themselves with offering different payment methods that cater to their clients’ needs.

A pay per head service that gives you more than what you pay for

Security, stability and confidentiality, has certainly invested a lot of time and money on being able to guarantee their service, they understand their customers’ business and their own business depend on technology, and they have taken all necessary steps towards protecting their systems from threats and preparing it to handle even unexpected events.  Better safe than sorry.

A wide range of sports lines, virtual and live casino, customizable reports, a service that is available 24/7, 365 days a year, and easy to use software, it’s all created to help agents focus on growing their business.

The price begins at $10/head per week, but of course this depends on the package size and the complexity of the setup. Sure, you can find pay per head services for less than $10.00 a head, but what you won’t find is such a complete and stress-free service.

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