Baseball OPS – What is OPS?

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By UltimateCapper

In our continuing series on the basics of betting baseball, we turn our attention to a hitter’s OPS or On Base Percentage + Slugging Percentage. Baseball tracks more statistics than any other sport and this is the latest tool for assessing a player’s offensive skill. This is quickly becoming a very popular stat. You will see a lot of television broadcasts post OPS on the screen when a batter comes up to bat. Let’s see how you come up with a hitter’s OPS.

First of all, On Base Percentage (OBP) is calculated by the sum of Hits, Walks, Hit by Pitch, divided by the number of At Bats, Walks, Sacrifice Flys, and Hit By Pitch.

H + BB + HBP/AB + BB + SF + HBP

Let’s figure out Ichiro Suzuki’s On Base Percentage (OBP) as of June 30th, 2009. He has 112 Hits, 14 Walks, 2 Hit By Pitches, 300 At Bats, and 0 Sacrifice Flys.

(112 + 14 + 2) / (300 + 14 + 0 + 2) = .405 OBP

To determine a hitter’s Slugging Percentage (SLG), you simply take the Total Bases a player has accummulated on all of his hits and divide it by his number of At Bats.

Total Bases/At Bats

Ichiro has 150 Total Bases and 300 At Bats.

150 / 300 = .500 SLG

Now, we take both OBP and SLG and add them together. Ichiro’s OPS would be .405+.500 = .905

Generally a good OPS is over .900. The great players are over 1.000. Babe Ruth holds the career record with a 1.164 OPS.


Baseball WHIP. What is WHIP?

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