Even with the incredible amount of energy and work that you pour into your bookmaking business, the profits have hit a plateau. Now is the time to discover the option that will liberate your time and catapult you over your competition. By employing the software and customer service department of a pay per head service, many functions of your daily business life will now be automatic and seamless. Based out of Costa Rica, has since 2006 been the superior option both in pricing and professionalism that will put you over the top for the remainder of 2015 and beyond.

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The ability to consistently have your questions not only answered but explained is only possible through our over eight years experience in our industry. Our team of customer service specialists all have the experience in our trade, the sports we wager on, and are multi lingual. At, any situation from the routine to the unusual will be solved beyond your satisfaction with nary a blip in your production.


Two distinct areas are involved in this. The first involves moneygram or western union. This straight forward method allows you to easily subscribe to the services to get you to the next level in your bookmaking business. Once that is accomplished, you have the options to set up what amounts your clients have on the site as well as their betting limits both minimum and maximum. This level of customization allows you to micro manage each client while using very little time to do so. All that is left is to consult you reports and decide then when and how you will each account will settle up with you. No more calculating on the run as it is all done for you at


Four weeks for free is the period of time that you can use to see that we stand by what we say. Now is the time to not only utilize all our features but to grow your clientele for your profitable football season. Cultivate greater handle from existing customers by introducing them to NASCAR, golf, mixed martial arts, and a variety of other sports that have proved to be too difficult to track on your own in the past. FREE Virtual casino and racebook availability to you will open them up to new wagering opportunities. With, you will get more wagers from not only new customers but the ones that have been with you down the years.


Expansion while streamlining your operation will net you both more profit and time in your life. Your marriage to your cell phone or mobile device is over as you move into the realm of delegation instead of collecting every wager yourself. Record keeping is done seamlessly and accessible any time at a few clicks of the mouse. Finally with more options to offer on a variety of entertainment wagering, your handle and profit levels will go. Embrace all that your business can be today with in your corner for the kickoff of football season and beyond.

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Phone: 1-877-482-6948