What to Look for in a new Bingo Site

Currently, online bingo is exploding in popularity, with new bingo sites appearing seemingly every other week. With so much choice, it can be tough to decide where to direct your attention, and ultimately, where to spend your money. Although there’s a lot of sites to choose from, in this post, we take a look at some of the most important things you should look for before deciding to play on a new bingo site that you discover.

Sign-up bonuses 

Bonuses are often the first thing people look for when deciding whether or not to sign up and play on a particular bingo site. Unique to bingo sites like Trusted Bingo is the fact that bonuses often take the form of no deposit bonuses, which is just like free money! If this is the case, the site will offer you a small amount of money for merely opening an account. More commonly, and as is the case with many online sports bookmakers, you might get offered a welcome bonus. This could be a £10 free bet when you play with £10, for example.

On-going promotions and offers 

It’s a good idea to look at the on-going promotions and offers advertised by the bingo site before you sign up. These are often in the form of reload bonuses and free spins on specific online games. Even better, some bingo sites offer cashback offers and special prize draws, where you can be in with a chance of winning an impressive jackpot. When deciding upon a bingo site, it’s a good idea to identify a site that regularly updates its offers to ensure variety in your play and help your money go further.

Loyalty schemes 

Several bingo sites have loyalty schemes and VIP clubs as part of their ongoing promotions and offers. If you’re a regular online bingo player, then this is an important offer to look for when picking a site on which to spend your money. Loyalty schemes often work in the same way as loyalty cards, whereby you can collect points when you make deposits. Over time, you will accumulate enough loyalty points to place free bets, or in some cases, be added to your withdrawal balance as real money. If you are a regular playing, identifying a bingo site with a lucrative loyalty scheme and a VIP section can be a great move in the long term and provide you with lots of added bonuses and on-going promotions.


This is crucial. Although most reputable online bingo sites are secure and handle your data and payments well, spend a bit of time combing over the site to see what type of security they offer you as a client. You can find important security information about a site in the footer. Make sure, at the very least, the site uses SSL encryption technology to ensure that your personal payment information is secured from third-party access. You can also gauge the security of a site from user reviews, as well as the different payment options they accept. As a general rule, the more payment options, the better.

Graphics and user-friendliness 

Because there are so many bingo sites out there at present, you should spend a few minutes going through the site and checking out the graphics, and getting an idea of the site’s user interaction and responsiveness as a whole. If you don’t like the layout or the site’s responsiveness, then you’re not going to want to spend a lot of time playing online. Consider things like layout, colour schemes, and fonts, and decide whether the site is for you or not before signing up.