On Your List: The 5 Esteemed Contenders of the 2019’s Kentucky Derby Odds and Entries

The 2019 Kentucky Derby edition in one of the biggest and the most awaited horse racing across the country. It is usually held on May on the 2nd and 3rd week of May at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

As the said horse racing event of the year is about the come, a lot of horse racing enthusiasts have prepared all year round for the event. Surely, all eyes will be turning out for this event gracing big stakes and wagers for all veteran and fresh racers.

That said, we would like to show to you the early names of bets released by the experts and their odds of winning.  Its purpose is to showcase to you the possible stake winner of this year’s edition of the Kentucky Derby race.

Game Winner

Trained by the Hall of Famer Bob Baffert, Game Winner still holds the strongest bet of possibly winning the 2019 Kentucky Derby cup. Game Winner gets an odd drift of +800 for the past three weeks according to experts and has been earning a gross of +850.

This horse racer has been doing great in all his racing events capping a two-year consecutive win in the Grade 1 Breeder’s Cup in Juvenile held in the same location as the Kentucky Race. He had also wrapped championship winners in two major divisions.

Lastly, Baffert had secured Game Winner a won for five times in the Kentucky Derby. He had also swept the Triple Crown in the last four years for two times. Game Winner has been doing his best in the race gracing 6 ¾ race destruction. Surely, Game Winner is hard to beat bet as he secures the strongest odd in the upcoming Kentucky Derby.


Despite the fact of slipping and missing out the win in the last edition of Shame Shakes, Coliseum still remains a strong contender with high odds of winning in the 2019 Kentucky Derby Race.

On Sunday evening, William Hill U.S show has released their bets and odds rating for the upcoming Kentucky Derby. The top bets include Baffert’s trainee’s and that is where the racer named Coliseum is also favored.

According to some experts, though Coliseum has dropped its price from 10-1 to 8-1. This is due to a new wager that had rolled-up named Godolphin had passed Coliseum’s records. Despite the fact that odds for Coliseum had dropped, his trainer had undergone him a thorough training to possibly clinched the crown and bring the bacon home.


A two-year-old racer has graced a sensational startup and bets on the 2019 Kentucky Derby race. He has been on the watchlist according to his trainer Jerry Hollendorfer. He was pulled out by his trainer Best from a chestnut training to save him from any dangers of not being able to join the 2019 Kentucky race.

In addition, Instragand is known to be a competitive horse racer. He has been doing a great job in Santa Anita which is his hometown and has been working solo in three furlongs. Lastly, he has been described as a horse racer with incredible speed.


Another frontrunner who’s in for the 2019 Kentucky Derby race is Improbable.  He’s been described to be the top performer for the upcoming race as he had been able to clinch a Grade in the Belmont Stakes.

Furthermore, he is also unbeaten in three starts winning dominantly in the Los Alamitos last December 8, 2018. He has been considered as a strong contender for the upcoming Kentucky Derby and is being presented by Woodford Reserve.

His ability to topnotch Kentucky is said to be easy according to experts because of his win in the Triple Crown Justify in February 2018.  Surely, Improbable is one of the hard to beat racers in Kentucky given his track record of wins.

Mucho Gusto

Another Baffert’s surprise came to everyone’s awe as he unveiled the debut run of Mucho Gusto in Kentucky. This horse racer emerged to be a debut winner in his Los Alamitos run where he was able to achieve a four-length win.

That said, Mucho Gusto is considered to be a possible winning candidate in the upcoming Kentucky Derby race. As may had said the trainer Bob Baffert does not usually show off in all his horse’s major competitions, but he was able to come in Los Alamitos race to see how Mucho Gusto will end up the race.


The 2019 Kentucky Derby race is another horse racing event awaited by many horse racing and wagers across the world. Along with other horse racing events in the nation, Kentucky Derby is the home of the most prestigious and competitive horse racers.

With all the Kentucky Derby Odds & Entries who will possibly join on May of this year, the five names mentioned above were the front runners as per horse racing experts who are going to give an amazing show on 2019’s Kentucky Derby event.