Betting Horses at your Online Sports and Racebook

Spring hasn’t officially arrived until the 150,000 fans pack the hallowed halls of Churchill Downs for the iconic running of the Kentucky Derby. It’s here, spring has sprung. It’s time to start thinking about the horse racing season, not only the Kentucky Derby, but the possibilities of a Triple Crown, which include the Preakness Stakes, along with the Belmont Stakes. No matter which one you prefer, all three have a unique appeal. Tis the betting season and the betting options include some icons of the sport as well as newcomers.

Betting The Kentucky Derby at Online Sportsbooks

Horse racing is the sport of choice for sharp bettors. There are many different kinds of sports bettors, there are the weekend players that show up in Vegas and bet on their favorite college football or basketball teams. Then there are the weekend warriors that show up every weekend of the NFL season. There are the baseball players that are willing to take the time, study the game and grind it out over the course of a 162-game season. Many sports bettors bet on sports for many different reasons and many of those folks are inconsistent as to what their favorite sports to bet really is.

The one constant in all of sports betting, is horse racing. The sport is old, very old! Horse racing has been around since the ancient days of the Roman Empire and history tells us there was wagering going on then. There are a couple of reasons for the popularity of horse racing.

  • It’s an art, following the horses becomes an art, it becomes a religion and a way of life for bettors.
  • The sport is more predictable than other sports. Handicapping the horses is not only a tradition for horse bettors, but one that comes power packed with information. As an online gambler, you have the ability to find more useful information on horses, than you do on any other sport.
  • Horse racing costs less money to bet on. This is a fact. Bettors in Las Vegas love to hit the race book early and stay late while spending $2 per bet. The races are usually 20-30 minutes between post times, and half the fun is reading about the next race, the next lineup, and knowing that you have an all-day event for not a crazy amount of money.

The online sportsbooks have come along over the years and made horseracing much more feasible for the enthusiast. Most folks are lacking one of two things when it comes to showing up in Vegas; the time, and/or money. Think about it, who has the time to fly to Vegas every time there is a good horserace on? Better yet, who has the money? Las Vegas is no longer the land of $19 hotel rooms and $10 buffets, not even close. In the good old days, a weekend trip to Vegas was very much affordable, now, the resort fee is more than the cost of the room, per night!

Americas Bookie – Your Friendly All-Inclusive Sportsbook

Sharp horse bettors are ditching Vegas, they have long since ditched the off-track shops and they have turned to the comfort of their own homes. Now, everyone can bet on the horses, and on demand. The online sportsbooks have created the perfect environment for horse betting. The betting lines are superior, the online bookies pay track odds and every race known to man is offered.

Now that the horse betting season is here, there isn’t a better time to find one of the fantastic online sportsbooks that offer all the best in horse racing.

  • Look for an online sportsbook that offers all of the famous tracks of the world.
  • Look for player incentives, such as deposit bonuses, or even a great contest.
  • Find a bookmaker that comes loaded with a wide verity of betting options, and a proven track record for customer service and deposit/withdraw options.

The bottom line is this; it’s horse racing season and getting in with the right online sportsbook will make or break your ability to make real money. The Kentucky Derby is here, the Triple Crown possibilities are in front of us. Find a bookmaker that offers the best lines and odds, find one that offers all of the world’s best tracks and prepare to make a small fortune on the ponies. The Sharp players bet the horses, because they know exactly where the consistent money is in sports gambling.