Top 5 Sports Festivals in the US

For all sports lovers, the United States is one of the best destinations for it. Not only for having some of the best athletes in the world, but also for the diversity of sporting events that can be found in the country.

Some of them have become so important that they have defined the city’s character where they are held. And with this, they have increased tourism with only one event a year.

Some of the most prestigious sporting events in the country include:

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the final game of the National Football League championship, in which the champions of the National Conference and the American Conference face each other.

It is usually held on the first weekend of February in various venues in the United States. In addition to the game itself, the event features several performances by artists, college bands, and much-anticipated commercials by major brands.

Indianapolis 500 Miles

Another event of interest is the Indianapolis 500, a motor racing event also known as the Indy 500. It is held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the largest sports venue in the world.

This race for single-seaters is one of the oldest motorsport events in the country. Thirty-three drivers participate in the race and complete 200 laps of the track to complete the 500-mile race.

The U.S. Open

The United States Open Tennis Championships or US Open is the most iconic and traditional tennis event in the United States. It is the last Grand Slam tournament of the year and lasts two weeks, starting on the last Monday of August.

This sporting event has five categories: men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles, although there are also additional tournaments for juniors and seniors.

The Masters’ Golf Tournament

Held since 1933 at the private Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, The Masters’ Golf Tournament is one of the most significant sporting events in golf in the United States.

Also known as the Augusta Masters, it is one of the majors of men’s golf only.

Boston Marathon

Another sporting event in the United States that you cannot miss if you are a runner is the famous Boston Marathon in Massachusetts, held on the third Monday of April.

It is the oldest marathon in the world, held since 1897. This incredible sporting event attracts influential international athletes, as well as athletes looking for a new challenge, and almost half a million spectators.

Kentucky Derby

This event is one of the most famous three-year-old thoroughbred horse races, which closes the Kentucky Derby Festival, and is watched by approximately 150,000 fans.

This sporting event is known as “the most exciting two minutes in sports,” in reference to the time it takes the horses to run 2 kilometers at Churchill Downs Racetrack.

NBA Finals

The NBA Finals is the National Basketball Association’s annual championship. The Eastern Conference champions face off against the Western Conference champions in a series of games at the end of the playoff season.

MLB World Series

This is the finals of Major League Baseball and pits the National and American leagues against each other. It is also known as the “Fall Classic” because it is played in October.

The games’ venues depend on the outcome of the regular seasons. But, no matter where it is stored, it attracts baseball fans from all over the country.

Other information about American tourism

You should note that you will not be able to attend any of these events if you cannot enter the country. Therefore, it is essential to check if you need a visa to enter the country, such as the [United States ESTA visa], depending on your country of residence.

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Another topic of interest is pandemic restrictions. Currently, the U.S. requires all non-citizen travelers 18 years of age or older to show a COVID-19 vaccination certificate confirming that they are fully vaccinated.

However, the United States no longer demands proof of COVID-19 to enter the country or undergo quarantine.