The Ultimate Guide to North American Racetracks

North America, a land of diverse sporting traditions, cherishes the thrilling spectacle of horse racing. The galloping of majestic thoroughbreds, coupled with the passionate roars from the crowd, embodies the spirit of this age-old sport. Racetracks like Belmont Park and Santa Anita aren’t just venues for races; they serve as historical markers, echoing tales of triumph, heartbreak, and nail-biting anticipation with every race.

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Understanding this, our Czech-based platform offers insights that resonate with enthusiasts from around the world. Through our comprehensive reviews and guides, we aim to cater to bettors from diverse backgrounds, ensuring that everyone, regardless of nationality, can savor the best of both worlds and indulge in an enriched betting journey.

1. Belmont Park


Belmont Park, often dubbed “The Championship Track,” has its roots steeped in history. Established in 1905, it has since then been a hallowed ground for horse racing enthusiasts. Over the years, it has borne witness to some of the most iconic moments in racing history, including the crowning of numerous Triple Crown champions.

Unique Characteristics:

With a main track, often referred to as “Big Sandy,” spanning 1.5 miles, Belmont Park boasts one of the largest dirt tracks in North America. Its significant races, such as the Belmont Stakes, make headlines every year, drawing attention from all corners of the globe. Architecturally, the park is a marvel. The grandstand, with its distinct design and the backdrop of the famed Belmont Park picks, creates an atmosphere that’s both nostalgic and electric.

Current Trends:

Recent years have seen a surge in interest in the Belmont picks, with horse racing aficionados eagerly awaiting insights and predictions. The spotlight often shines on popular jockeys and trainers, whose strategies and decisions play a pivotal role in the race outcomes. Names like Bob Baffert and Irad Ortiz Jr. have become synonymous with Belmont Park, indicating the ever-evolving dynamics of the racing world.

Quick Tip:

When considering a betting strategy for the upcoming Belmont races, it’s crucial to be aware of track biases and the current form of jockeys and trainers. Additionally, if you’re diversifying your betting pursuits and exploring casinos, don’t miss the insights from the Neterapay casino review. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the casino landscape, ensuring an enriched betting experience both on and off the racetrack.

2. Pimlico


Nestled in Baltimore, Maryland, Pimlico Race Course is an emblem of horse racing’s illustrious past. Its establishment in 1870 marked the birth of a racing giant, and over the decades, Pimlico has been the stage for many of the sport’s most remarkable tales. One such milestone was the legendary race between Seabiscuit and War Admiral in 1938, an event that has since been etched into racing folklore.

Unique Characteristics:

Pimlico’s claim to international fame is undeniably its hosting of the Preakness Stakes. As the second jewel in the coveted Triple Crown series, the Preakness Stakes draws a global audience, all eager to witness the unfolding of yet another chapter in racing history. The track, with its old-world charm juxtaposed against the backdrop of Pimlico picks, ensures that each race is an event to remember.

Current Trends:

As with any major racetrack, staying updated with the latest Pimlico picks is paramount for enthusiasts and bettors alike. Recent seasons have seen emerging talents, both in terms of horses and jockeys, promising an ever-evolving and exciting racing landscape. Noteworthy events, such as theme days and special race weekends, have further amplified Pimlico’s prominence in the world of horse racing.

Quick Tip:

When navigating the current racing season, pay close attention to track conditions and the form of the horses. Pimlico’s track has its unique quirks, and understanding them can provide an edge in your betting strategy. And for those who relish in diversifying their betting interests, keeping an eye on Belmont picks, Santa Anita picks, or even venturing into other racetracks can provide a broader perspective and a more informed approach.

3. Santa Anita


Located at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in Arcadia, California, the Santa Anita Park has been an epitome of racing excellence since its inauguration in 1934. Its history is replete with memorable moments, from Seabiscuit’s 1940 Santa Anita Handicap win to hosting Breeders’ Cup events multiple times. Through the years, it has evolved from just a racetrack to a symbol of Californian pride in the world of horse racing.

Unique Characteristics:

Santa Anita is not just any racetrack; it’s a jewel in the crown of American racing circuits. Its art deco facade, paired with the picturesque mountain backdrop, makes it an architectural marvel. But it’s not just about looks; the track’s unique 1-mile oval, coupled with its significance in hosting Grade 1 races, cements its position in the top echelons of racing venues.

Current Trends:

When it comes to trends, keeping a close watch on the latest Santa Anita picks is essential for any racing aficionado. The predictions, encompassing insights about stand-out horses, jockeys, and trainers, paint a comprehensive picture of the racing scenario. Recent seasons have spotlighted horses that promise to become legends in their own right, turning every race into an event buzzing with anticipation.

Quick Tip:

When handicapping at Santa Anita, always consider the unique soil composition of the track, which tends to favor specific running styles. Additionally, here’s a fun fact: Santa Anita was the first racetrack to introduce starting gates in the 1940s, revolutionizing the way races began!

Comparative Analysis

Aspect Belmont Park Pimlico Race Course Santa Anita Park
Location Elmont, New York Baltimore, Maryland Arcadia, California
Famous For Belmont Stakes (Third leg of the Triple Crown) Preakness Stakes (Second leg of the Triple Crown) Fast dirt track, Santa Anita Derby, Breeders’ Cup Classic
Track Features Long, straight stretch Short distance with tight turns Known for fast dirt and high purses
Picks Overlap Some overlap due to same horses competing; Good for staying horses Some overlap; Variety of horse strengths Overlap noted; Best for sprinting horses


Expert Opinion:

  • All three tracks, Belmont Park, Pimlico Race Course, and Santa Anita Park, offer solid betting opportunities, but they each have distinct advantages.
  • Belmont Park is generally favored for betting on favorites.
  • Pimlico Race Course offers a balanced set of opportunities, catering to a variety of horse strengths.
  • Santa Anita Park is believed to offer the best opportunities for those looking to place bets on longshots.

Betting Tips:

  1. Do Your Research: Equip yourself with knowledge about the horses, the trainers, and the jockeys. Expert handicapping articles and past race videos can be invaluable.
  2. Follow the Trends: Monitor which horses are on winning streaks and which ones are not performing well. Past performance charts can offer insights into how horses might perform in upcoming races.
  3. Bet Responsibly: Always set a budget and stick to it. Never let emotions drive your betting decisions.

Embracing the Majesty: The Unending Allure of North American Racetracks

North American racetracks, with their rich history and enduring charm, represent more than just sporting venues; they are theaters of dreams, where tales of passion, determination, and exhilaration play out under the watchful eyes of thousands. From the sprawling expanse of Belmont Park to the atmospheric charm of Pimlico and the scenic beauty of Santa Anita, each racetrack brings its unique flavor, adding depth and diversity to the tapestry of horse racing.

The very heartbeats of these racetracks are the horses, jockeys, and trainers who tirelessly pursue excellence, and the ardent fans and bettors who elevate each race into a celebration. In this dynamic world, staying updated with the latest picks, from Belmont picks to Santa Anita handicapping, can offer an edge, enhancing both the thrill and the potential rewards.

So, as the sun sets behind the grandstands and the dust settles on the tracks, remember that each race is a new story waiting to be told. Dive deep, stay informed, and let the thrill of horse racing take you on a journey like no other.