How to Cut Your Overhead Costs

Operating a sports betting enterprise can be an expensive and time consuming task, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Simplify and Streamline Your Operation

When you manage your own operation entirely, you must consider the monthly overhead which will include, payroll, hiring technicians to manage your servers, the cost of the actual server maintenance, the rent, etc. this can seriously cut into your profits.

The licensing fee paid to the sportsbook software provider alone can put you in the red, but what if I told you there is a way for you to offer your players a top-quality betting experience at a fraction of the cost. Would you be interested?

If you are still reading, then I know your answer is Yes!

By moving your operation to a top of the line pay per head service like the one offers, you can cut your overhead by at least 75%, in most cases it will be more than that. Imagine being able to keep 75% more profits, I know it sounds too good to be true, but this is a real thing.

By switching to, you will no longer have to pay, rent, server maintenance, technicians, phone providers or sportsbook software provider fees, all of this will be done by the pay per head shop. This is the way it works, you retain a 100% of your player list, you do not need to share any of their information with the pay per head. You pay a flat fee per week per active player, your players will enjoy the use of an online betting platform that is available 24/7, a call center that staffs 100% USA English clerks for those times they feel the need to talk to someone, they will be able to bet on the most extensive market offering in the industry, all sports, all leagues, they also get access to the start of the art horse racing platform and casino games, you can also offer them access to the live casino dealers which feature some of the most attractive female dealers in the business.

When you switch to Ace Per Head, you can downsize your payroll to a bare minimum because you won’t have to take phone bets, or have a group of line managers to run your book for you, the tech staff all goes away too. If you have an existing brand you can move your website to their network and they will maintain it for you, guaranteeing up times of 99.9%, if you don’t already have a website you can commission one from them, or if you want to save some more money just use their default betting website., makes it super easy to move your package, set ups can be done in under 1 day, and with their exclusive free trial you won’t have any setup fees to pay upfront, the free trial is being offered for a limited time only so make sure to contact them as soon as possible. They also have more payment methods than most shops so there is no hassle to pay for services.

This is a no brainer, close your office, cut your overhead by 75% or more, and have more time to focus on growing your business without all the headaches.

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