What Online Bookies Need To Know: Triple Crown Horse Racing

With any sport, it is a good idea to get an understanding of the history, the amazing stories, and the key events about the Triple Crown can help you build a better business before you enter the world of horse racing.

In order to get players interested in wagering with you, you should know some history behind the sport and amazing stories before you can build your business and build players trust to bet with you.

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The Triple Crown

The Triple Crown encompasses three races, the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes.

In order for a horse to be a Triple Crown winner he has to win all three races in one year. It is the same as a Grand Slam in baseball.

These races are set two weeks apart the first from the second, and three weeks apart the second from the third.

The three races of the Triple Crown in order are the Kentucky Derby (Run of the Roses as it is also known) at Churchill Downs, The Preakness Stakes at Pimlico racetrack, and the Belmont Stakes at Belmont Park.

The order of the races is very important since they are setup in a way to really prove the horses that participate.

The Derby is 114 miles, a mid size run. The Preakness is shorter at 1 316 miles, so for a horse to win both races it needs to be fast on the middle length track and faster in the shorter track.

Once a horse wins the first two races then he becomes a Triple Crown contender.

When different horses win each of the first two races, the hype diminishes enormously. Going into the third race is the horse breaker:

The Belmont Stakes with 1 12 miles of track. Winning this last race proves the horse to have the endurance of a long race and the speed to end up first.

Betting wise, the thrill for bettors starts with the Kentucky Derby, as the list of contenders narrows down, expectations rise, and it comes to a peak if the same horse wins the Derby and the Preakness.

Amazing Stories

There are some amazing stories around the Triple Crown, if you like Horse Racing history you can search them in the web, but we’ve made it easy for you to be a pro horse betting bookie.

One of these great stories is Tim Tam’s broken leg in 1958. After winning the Derby and Preakness, he was favored to easily win the Belmont.

In the homestretch, he broke his leg. He still managed to finish second. On a broken leg. Thankfully he survived, but never raced again.

Now that you know the breakdown of the Triple Crown history and amazing stories, you can show your players your horse racing knowledge and they’ll be more interested in placing a wager with you!

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