Record-Breaking Sale: Winx’s $10 Million Foal Shatters Expectations

In a stunning display of pedigree excellence and racing legacy, the first foal of the legendary Australian racehorse Winx has just been sold at an eye-watering price of $10 million at auction. Known globally for her unparalleled speed, strength, and the heart of a champion, Winx left an indelible mark in the world of horse racing.

She is celebrated for winning the prestigious Cox Plate four times in a row—a feat that cements her status among the greats. Throughout her illustrious career, Winx dazzled fans and critics alike, racking up over $26 million in prize money and maintaining a record-breaking Australasian winning streak of 33 races.

This monumental sale not only highlights the enduring legacy of Winx but also sets a new benchmark in the horse racing and breeding industry.

A Record-Setting Legacy Continues

The 18-month-old filly, daughter of the legendary racehorse Winx, became the center of attention at the Inglis Easter Yearling Sale in Sydney. Her pedigree made her incredibly sought after, smashing records by being sold for an impressive $10 million. This sale set a new record for an all-bread yearling.

When she was put up for auction, the starting bid was at $2 million, but it quickly soared to $5 million in just 30 seconds. She was eventually bought by Woppitt Bloodstock, which is owned by Debbie Kepitis, who also partly owned Winx.

The winning bid of $10 million doubled the previous record set in 2013 for Black Caviar’s half-brother. The filly’s sire, champion stallion Pierro, and her mother’s incredible legacy made her the star of the show. Winx, the mare that won hearts by achieving 37 wins, including four consecutive Cox Plate victories, retired in 2019.

Tragically, in 2020, the loss of Winx’s first foal was a huge blow. However, after taking a year off, she gave birth to this record-setting filly in 2022. There’s exciting news as Winx is expecting another foal, continuing her remarkable legacy.

A Bright Future for Racing Royalty

The future shines bright for this young star, stirring up excitement among horse racing enthusiasts around the world.

Her record-breaking sale not only continues Winx’s incredible legacy but also signals a new era in the sport. Fans are eagerly waiting to see if she will rival her mother’s stellar career on the racetrack.

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This service allows fans to watch and wager on races from wherever they are, ensuring that they can experience all the thrilling moments of this new champion’s budding career.

The Takeaway

The sale of Winx’s foal for $10 million is a big deal in horse racing, showing just how much people admire Winx and her family. This young horse is now in the spotlight, carrying her mother’s famous legacy forward.

Everyone is super excited to see if she will be as successful as Winx on the racetrack. With modern tech like FanDuel Racing, fans everywhere can follow her story and cheer her on, hoping she becomes a new racing legend.