Bookies: Appealing to Horse Racing Fans is a Big Deal | You Must Hear This

Bookies are always looking for a new revenue source and if you find yourself in this position then you must find the best PPH service for all of your horseracing needs. We say “needs” because we know from experience that you need a racebook if you plan on earning a six-figure income. We have been in your shoes and we know exactly what the Dr. ordered to make your bookie business a success. Just as you have been, we have also been gamblers. We understand how gamblers think and we understand what they want out of an online sportsbook.

What do gamblers want?

  • Above all else, they want to be paid. They expect it and they will demand it when they beat you. If you are a bookie that doesn’t want to pay or you give your clients every excuse in the book to slow-pay them; get out of the business right now! Players will spend a lot of money in your online sportsbook if you pay them when they beat you. You will beat them 70% of the time and often much more. There is no reason to ever give players any kind of hassle when it comes to quick and efficient payouts.
  • They want access 24/7. If they can’t gamble anytime they so desire, they will find an online bookie where they can. If you are not online, then it’s a 100% guarantee that they are gambling elsewhere when you are not available. Offer them 24/7 gambling and you have just won a loyal player.
  • They want easy. Gamblers hate anything that takes time and they hate anything complicated when it comes to getting their bets in. They want a user interface that’s easy to read, understand, and use. They also want the ability to place multiple bets and many different wagers with ease. There is no room for convoluted, unorganized or disjointed.

With a fantastic PPH, you get exactly what your players are looking for. You will get the best user interface, the best wagering menu, and the best tools to make your clients feel as if they are logged into one of the “giants” of the online gambling world. Give them what they want and they will never leave you


Gamblers want wagering options and they want more than football. Bookies tend to focus on football and while that may be great, (we acknowledge the importance of both college and the NFL) you must also offer more.

Horse Racing: Offer it right now and find a PPH that offers the best tracks worldwide.

  • Horse bettors are easily the most loyal bettors in gaming. They come early and they stay late. They rarely bet big but they bet all day. They rarely win and when they do it’s on big events. You need them to pick up the slack in the sportsbook. You will lose in the sportsbook and there will be times when things could even look grim. With a racebook to back yourself up, you will always stay a step ahead of the game.
  • Find a PPH that not only offers the best tracks from around the world but find one that pays track odds. Horse bettors are smart players and if they can get better odds elsewhere, they will jump in a seconds notice. You must have the horse bettors’ revenue. Over the course of a year, they can double your losses in the sportsbook.

 What does a PPH really do for you?

  • The PPH is an all-inclusive, online sportsbook provider. They offer a state-of-the-art online sportsbook, a world-class racebook, and a Las Vegas-style casino. They offer all of this in a turnkey package that’s operated from an app on your desktop or mobile device.

The PPH is the online sportsbook. The PPH provider sets you up with an exclusive .com address for the use of you and your clients. Now you are online and your players have no excuse to shop around. They can play 24/7 and you will begin to earn big money. The PPH does every bookmaking task for you. You basically do nothing other than reading reports and clicking a mouse! Call the PPH provider today and get started for free. Have your players playing tomorrow.

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