Best Tips to Start Horse Riding if You Are a Student

Horse riding, also known as equestrianism, was debuted as a sport at the Olympics of 1900 and gained popularity since then. If you are a student and interested in how to ride a horse but do not know where to start, this article will give you best tips for effective riding.

Reasons Why Horse riding is the best sport

Let us start by learning why horse riding is the right choice for you:

  • Mental strength: just like every other form of sports, horse riding requires a strong mental focus. However, what sets it apart is the need to remain in-sync with another living being. It helps you become more vigilant and attentive
  • Coordination: horse riding will help you fully utilize your five senses and sharpen your reflexes. While riding a horse, you will have to perform different movements while maintaining a balance.
  • Improved posture: It puts pressure on your core muscles, strengthening them. Horse riding encourages you to practice right body postures in order to maintain your balance.
  • Reduces stress: This sport is therapeutic for many as it provides a calming effect by being close to nature. Also, the bouncing motion gives a massaging effect and promotes blood circulation in the body.

Search for info about equestrian colleges

According to professional writers from, in recent years, equestrians are being welcomed by colleges for programs intonationally. You can also get your hands-on, attractive scholarships in colleges based on your performance as a horse rider. Furthermore, the establishment of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association has led to many opportunities for college students. All you need to do is conduct your research in time, find a suitable college, and apply it!

Find a nice stable for practice

If you are thinking of starting horse riding, picking out the right stable for lessons is essential. It will require hard work. Start by jotting down the desirable features you require from the boarding facility. Now utilize all the resources to research. You can use the internet, Yellow Pages, and information from local riding clubs. Call each of the facilities you have identified gather as much information as you can. You will be able to shortlist a few candidates at this point. It will be time to pay a personal visit to each of them and evaluate them based on your pre-determined criteria. Compare them and make your final selection.

Save money for buying a horse

Purchasing a horse will be a bit steep for a student. You will require at least $1500 or more. This kind of money is not easy for a student to raise. You will have to work for a long time to save this much. With this level of education, you cannot land high paying jobs.

Nevertheless, look around, find some jobs that require a low level of skills. You can babysit, work in a department store, teach children or even work as a teacher’s assistant. The options are endless in reality. Try finding a stable job that pays well. You can even pay to have resume done and save more time for practice.

How to choose your first horse, and what suits you the best?

There are various factors you need to consider before buying your first horse—for example, the size. You have to make sure you are not too large compared to the horse to prevent them from getting injured. Secondly, a horse will be comfortable, carrying no more than 20 percent of its weight. Keep that in mind. Furthermore, there are more than 350 breeds of horses among which you have to choose the one that suits your personality. Some horses are very calm, whereas others can get quite aggressive. Make a decision based on your dressage level. Talk to the owner to get to know more about the horse before making a purchase. Also, breeds differ in price. Keep your affordability in mind.

Find a good instructor

If you are a beginner and starting college riding, a good instructor will play a massive part in setting your foundation as a horse rider. Seek help from your parents, spend time searching for the right one. After all, it is not only about learning but also your safety. You can go through internet searches or visit your local riding club. Ask for reviews. Your parents should confirm with the instructor if they are willing to teach a student of your age, height, and weight. Clarify what you want out of these lessons, and if you decide to continue with a specific instructor, I will recommend you to take trial classes before joining.

Horse riding is an exquisite sport and not a cup of tea for everyone. To become excellent at horse riding, you will have to invest in money, effort, and time. Anything good requires time. Ready to put in the hard work and persistence. You are in for a ride!