I’ll Have Another Scratched Updated Odds From Bovada Racebook

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Odds have now been adjusted for Saturday’s Belmont Stakes in lieu of I’ll Have Another being scratched. Listed below are the latest odds and race props as of Friday afternoon from Bovada Racebook.

The Bovada Racebook promotion still goes. Instead of getting $20 back if I’ll Have Another wins, you will now get back $20 if Union Rags wins the Belmont Stakes. Click here for details on this exciting promotion.

Here is a quote from Kevin Bradly of Bovada Racebook –

The injury to I’ll Have Another has completely changed the landscape of this year’s Belmont Stakes. Before his injury, I’ll have another was getting 75% of the total handle of the Belmont Stakes.  Since his injury Dullahan and Union Rags have seen a significant increase in handle. Since we reopened the odds 36% of the action is on Dullahan while 31% is on Union Rags. We expect to see a significant decrease in handle on the Belmont Stakes because of the injury to I’ll Have Another. In comparing Triple Crown Years and non Triple Crown years, we expect to see a decrease of 25%-30% in handle as contender I’ll have Another is not running.  – Kevin Bradly

Odds To Win the Belmont Stakes
Dullahan                      33/20
Union Rags                 5/2
Paynter                        19/4
Street Life                   8/1
Optimizer                    16/1
Unstoppable U            20/1
My Adonis                  20/1
Atigun                         22/1
Ravelo’s Boy               45/1
Five Sixteen                50/1
Guyana Star Dweej     60/1

Odds To Finish Top 3
Dullahan                      1/2
Union Rags                 5/7
Paynter                        29/20
Street Life                   12/5
Optimizer                    5/1
Unstoppable U            6/1
My Adonis                  6/1
Atigun                         13/2
Ravelo’s Boy               14/1
Five Sixteen                15/1
Guyana Star Dweej     18/1

Race Props

Winning Time of The 2012 Belmont Stakes?
Over / Under 2:29.00             

Will the winner of the 2012 Belmont Stakes break Secretariats Belmont record of 2:24?   
Yes (Faster than 2:24.00)                    10/1    
No (Not Faster then 2:24.00)              1/20    

How many lengths will the winner of the 2012 Belmont Stakes win by?    
More than or equal to length               4/9       (-225)
Less than 1 length                               37/20   (+185)

How many lengths will the winner of the 2012 Belmont Stakes win by?    
More than or equal to 3 lengths          29/20   (+145)
Less than 3 lengths                             20/33   (-165) 

Will the winner of the 2012 Belmont Stakes win Wire to Wire?      
Yes                  5/1       (+500)
No                   1/8       (-800)

Will there be an inquiry in the 2012 Belmont Stakes?           
Yes                  9/2       (+450)
No                   2/13     (-650)

What will be the On Track Attendance for the 2012 Belmont Stakes?
Over / Under 75,000 People              

What will the overnight rating for the Belmont Stakes be?
Over / Under 5.25

Head To Head Matchups

Dullahan                      -120
Union Rags                 -110

Union Rags                 -180
Paynter                        +150

Street Life                   +130
Paynter                        -160

Optimizer                    -130
My Adonis                  EVEN

Unstoppable U         +120
Atigun                         -150

Ravelo’s Boy               -140
Five Sixteen                +110

Unstoppable U            +110
Optimizer                    -140

Unstoppable U         +110
My Adonis                  -140

Atigun                         -110
Optimizer                    -120

Atigun                         -125
My Adonis                  -105

Five Sixteen                -130
Guyana Star Dweej     EVEN

Ravelo’s Boy               -135
Guyana Star Dweej     +105

Dullahan                      -170
Paynter                        +140

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