2006 Super Bowl Pick

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by Bob Acton of Sportingbet USA – now SuperBook.com –

In 2001, the Seahawks sent the No. 10 pick in the draft to GreenBay for then-backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeckand the No. 17 choice. The Packers used their pick on defensiveend Jamal Reynolds, a draft bust who is out of the league. Hasselbeckis a two-time Pro Bowl selection. Seattle used the No. 17 pickto select guard Steve Hutchinson, a three-timePro Bowl choice, who has joined tackle Walter Jonesto produce the best left side of any line in the league.

Seattle also gave up their 3rd round pick in the trade, whichGreen Bay used to select Torrance Marshall who had a grand totalof 11 tackles this year, so it is unanimous that Mike Holmgrenduped the Packers big time! The ironic part about this Packer-Seahawksconnection is that Holmgren left Green Bay because he wanted completecontrol of the Packers and was not given it. He got the powerhe wanted in Seattle, but was failing before owner Paul Allenstepped in and told him to focus on coaching.

The wild thing about Mike Sherman, a former assistant to MikeHolmgren with the Seattle Seahawks, is that at one point duringhis time in Green Bay he was given total control of the operation,all of the power that Holmgren left town to gain. In September2002, Sports Illustrated ranked Sherman No. 2 among all 32 headcoaches in the power he wielded. Now he is has been shown thedoor by Green Bay!

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Hasselbeck was a 6th round pick of the Packers and actuallygot cut after his first training camp, then he flung a total of29 passes in his next two seasons. His quarterback coach by theway was Andy Reid, who now calls the shots for Philadelphia, soit kind of makes sense, that this guy had talent.

Hasselbeck’s biggest hurdle was overcoming his cockiness, thatwhile it can be a benefit in some cases, it also can ruffle thefeathers of teammates. There was his infamous first playoff gameagainst Green Bay, when the game went to overtime and Seattlewon the coin toss, and microphones picked up a cocksure Hasselbeckexclaiming, “We want the ball and we’re going to score!” Thatstatement haunted him when he threw an interception in overtime,and Packers cornerback Al Harris ran the mistake back for a 52-yardtouchdown and a crow-serving victory.

But he worked his way through it, even after the Seahawks werebounced quickly out of the playoffs last year. This team has hadits share of disappointments, so just getting to the dance, isnot their ultimate goal here. While much time will be spent onBettis, Roethlisberger and Cowher this week, Holmgren is the onewearing the Super Bowl rings.

Incidentally what ever happened to Tommy Maddox?

The Ultimatecapper Pick: Take the Seahawks and the points. It should be a close game throughout and if Seattle does happen to lose it shouldn’t be by more than a field goal. Good luck!

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