The Most Unusual Facts About Horse Racing

Would you like to try your luck? Then you should try playing pokies which you can look at Playamo site or start betting. For the second option, horse races are one of the most spectacular options. Keep reading to know the most unusual fact about these tournaments. 

Child Jockeys

Camel racing is really popular in Middle Eastern countries. They are held in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Jordan. Separate competitions are held in Mongolia, India, Australia, and so on. Since jockeys have to be light, children began to be involved in these competitions. Child jockeys’ existence was a violation of a number of international laws. Child labor in life-threatening conditions became heavily criticized and banned. In some countries bans were legislated. Particularly in Qatar, and the UAE.

23 Years of Victories 

The legendary horse Eclipse raced for 23 years, and the horse was unrivaled. During all that time no one could beat the stallion. Eclipse’s ancestor was the Arabian racehorse Darley, one of the founders of the English breed. The horse’s appearance was rather unusual. He possessed a high back and heavy long shoulders. When galloping, the horse would pull his muzzle toward the ground, and so low that jockeys often fell down. When the horse was autopsied after death, it was found that its heart weight was 6,300 grams. This was the explanation for the incredible strength and power of the winner.

Stables in Formula One 

Teams in Formula One got the term stables, which they borrowed from racing. Formula One originated in Great Britain, and the cars were parked in boxes from the old stables. Another term borrowed from horse racing was the word steward, someone who solves disputes at competitions.

Robot Jockeys 

In 2000, robot jockeys appeared in camel racing. The robots are remote mechanisms that can be controlled from a distance and periodically spur the camel. Robotic jockeys are getting more and more used these days. Still, they look rather exotic and are unlikely to displace human jockeys from this field.

Giving Your Life for the Win 

During a horse race in New York City in 1923, a jockey had an accident and suffered a heart attack right in the middle of the race. The jockey’s name was Frank Hayes, and the race was fatal for him. The horse came to the finish line first, but the jockey was already dead. It is interesting that the horse was not at all promising and the chances of winning were twenty to one, but on that sad day he was the first!