Prices on Horse Racing

Horse racing can be a great revenue generator for bookies. It always has been. Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the world and is widely wagered on, as it’s legal in many countries.

If you’re interested in offering horse racing betting markets to your clients, you need to join one of the pay-per-head (PPH) services. PPH companies provide bookies with the technology and support to run a sportsbook, but these services also have the software for racebooks.

What’s the Cost to Offer Horse Racing as a PPH?

A racebook is a standard feature of most pay per head shops. Therefore, the racing horse price is included in the weekly fee you pay with most PPH services. In some cases, you’ll have to pay an added fee to offer a racebook to your clients, but if that’s the case, definitely switch providers.

There should be no extra fee to offer a racebook to your players.

Tips for Choosing a PPH Racebook Solution

If your focus is on offering horse racing then you need to be smart about the service you join.

While the majority of PPH services have a racebook as a standard feature nowadays, some of them are absolutely terrible. The design is hard to navigate, it’s difficult to place bets, it’s tough to even find specific races to bet on. That’s no good, as your players will be the ones getting punished.

Here are some tips to choose the perfect PPH racebook provider:

  • Track Selection: The most important feature is track selection. You want to have as many tracks as possible. There’s horse racing daily around the clock. The best per head racebooks offer 75+ tracks from countries around the world, including the USA, Canada and UK.
  • Technology: If the racebook is important to you, ask for a demo before joining. Make sure the racebook is functional and regularly developed. Horse racing fans are picky. They want to be able to navigate tracks/races seamlessly, while being able to place bets quickly.
  • Bet Types: Do you want to be able to offer exotic bets, including exactas and trifectas? You need to have a large betting selection to compete with other racebooks.
  • Customization: While it’s important to have exotic bets. It’s more important to make sure you set payout caps. Some trifectas can pay five figures with the right longshots and you don’t want to be on the hook to pay that. Set firm payout limits on every exotic horse bet type.

Not enough bookies spend time building up their online racebook revenue. There are dozens of annual horse races with huge betting handles. There are the Triple Crown races in the USA, the UK hosts multiple annual festivals, including Cheltenham and there are plenty of others too.

Even if some of your players only start using the racebook to bet on the big races, that’s fine. The big races are the most highly-contested and typically have the most runners, making them much more difficult to win. Sign-up to a PPH service today to start your own sportsbook/racebook.

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