Online Sportsbooks Take the Lead in NFL Betting This Season

You do not have to go back that far in time to remember when betting on sports was a locally-based activity. The corner bookie would take action on the games while the only retail sportsbooks were housed in Las Vegas casinos.

Once the internet became part of society, offshore sportsbooks expanded their reach through online sports betting platforms. Fast forward over the past two decades and those same online sportsbooks have gone from being sports betting industry pioneers to sports betting innovators.

Today’s modern online sportsbook presents a one-stop shop for betting on sports. This activity really gets ramped up each fall when football returns to the betting board.

College football has established itself as one of the biggest betting leagues in the US. However, nothing comes close to the weekly betting volume generated by the NFL on the professional level.

Make the Most of Your Online Sports Betting Experience at America’s Bookie

Betting on NFL games gets bigger and bigger every year. This is especially true in the US market where close to 50 million Americans are expected to wager on the NFL this season. The majority of those wagers will be placed through online sportsbooks catering to US players.

It has never been easier to place some betting action on each Sunday’s slate of NFL games. Online books are pulling out all the stops to attract bettors to their websites and mobile betting platforms.

Many online books offer lucrative financial incentives to new players through a matching bonus on the initial deposit into their betting account. Customer loyalty betting the games is rewarded through a program that offers valuable points for online betting activity. These points can be saved and redeemed for valuable online perks.

Win Big This Football Season at any of These Online Sportsbook Bonuses

Actual online betting boards are filled with various betting options for NFL games. Most of the weekly betting volume still gravitates towards straight bets on NFL point spreads and total lines. However, more and more NFL fans are expanding into money line wagers, exotics such as parlays and teasers and prop bet options for every game.

One of the fastest growing trends at online books is live in-game betting. This lets you place wagers on the games after the opening kickoff. The betting lines change based on what has already taken place on the field. “What happens next” betting scenarios are offered for the outcome of each team’s upcoming drive.

The action never stops across all four quarters and there is no better way to add even more excitement to all the action on the field.

The top-rated online sportsbooks are always looking for new ways to raise the bar against their competition. Daily betting specials and odds boosters for set parlay plays keep bettors engaged all week long.

Contests and money pools are offered as a way to test your NFL handicapping skills through NFL survivor pools and weekly NFL Pick’Em contests. You can even find online books offering weekly NFL Squares.

Best of all, today’s online sportsbook offers wide-scale appeal across all geographies and demographics. Whether you are a weekend warrior looking for some action on Sunday’s big game or a full-fledged action junkie looking to bet on anything coming down the pike, you can find an online book that meets and exceeds all of your sports betting needs.

Do yourself a favor and shop around for the right online sportsbook before opening up an online betting account. You are bound to find one, a few or even several options that work best for you.