NCAA Men’s Basketball Weekends Best Bets

The No. 19 Arizona Wildcats held San Jose State to 39 lousy points on Thursday evening while putting on a scoring show with 87 of their own. Are times changing in Tucson? The Wildcats improve their record to 3-0 on the season and maybe, just maybe, this team is back to their once dominating ways. The No. 3 Michigan State Spartans won in a squeaker over No. 12 Seton Hall with a 76-73 final in which the second half was a 46-46 showdown. No matter who you like, or who you root for, this season has kicked off with a bang and these kids come to ball every single night. They lay it on the line and there is nothing quite like the action of Top-25 NCAA Basketball. Call your favorite online bookie and ask for a bonus, play it first, after you win big, then you can start throwing your cash around. Here is who we like this weekend.

Friday: NCAA College Basketball Game Predictions and Predictions

Georgia State Vs. No. 2 Duke

Duke is back to their dominating ways and they have the personnel to win 30-plus games this season. Not only will they dominate the ACC, but they will also pretty much be king of the basketball world. Coach K has this team tuned up and ready to fight for a championship. They lay it on the line in every game and going foreword you can count on plenty of games that cover any spread you might see. This Duke team may be one of the better ones to come along in the last 10-years. Georgia State will get their doors blown off and Duke covers any spread you find. Lay the points without fear in this one.

CSU Northridge Vs. No. 22 Auburn

The Auburn Tigers are two things, they are a defensive juggernaut, as well as an offensive machine when they choose to be. This game will be the blowout of the year in college basketball. Northridge comes in with an 0-3 record and they will leave with an 0-4 record and most likely be beaten by 30 or more. This game will never be even kind of close. Lay the spread without fear and take the bookie for a ride.

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Monmouth Vs. No. 5 Kansas

Yet another ridiculous blowout in the works. Monmouth has no players, they have no team and they will get rocked. Kansas maybe 1-1 but their one loss was to Duke, by 2-points and a bad pass. The Jayhawks are easily the best team in the BIG 12 and they are easily No. 5 in the country. This game will never be close. Bet the first half, the second half, and bet the Kansas team total – OVER.

Saturday: NCAA College Basketball Game Predictions and Predictions

Oakland Vs. No. 7 Maryland

Maryland is good, although snake-bit for the last 30-years, they are good and this year they can go a long way. Look for this team to win 25+ games and make life difficult for nearly everyone they play. DO NOT discount Oakland. They may be a “bunch of nobody’s” but they are a scrappy group that can play some ball and hangs around with good teams. Look for a closer game than most expect and take the points in this one.

Columbia Vs. No. 9 Virginia

Here we go again with the broken record… Blowout and big blowout! Whatever the bookies gift you within the way of a spread – lay it. Don’t walk, RUN to the desktop, laptop, or mobile app and plunk a solid chunk of change down on Virginia, they win big and the cover will never be in question.

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Saturday’s Upset Special—

No. 20 Vs. Tennessee

The Washington Huskies always put together a competitive basketball team and they will win 20 games or more. Don’t overlook the Volunteers, this team is up and coming and even though this one is on a neutral court up in the friendly confines of Toronto – we like The Vol’s to put up a fight and possibly win outright. Take the points and look for an upset in the works.

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Sunday Quick Hits—

Arizona covers easily over New Mexico State, Oregon buries UT Arlington by 30 or more and Saint Mary’s blows the roof off of the dump against Cal Poly. All three of these games will be cover blowouts. Call your favorite bookmaker and start earning big money on college basketball.