How to Start a Career in the Equine Industry

Are you looking for exciting careers before setting off for college? Or are you a person who wants to switch careers? Then you are in the right place! We have some interesting equine careers to share with you.

Beginning of Your Career

Now before leaping into careers, we will be looking at the importance of having multiple choices when it comes to careers. It would be best if you always weighed the pros and cons of all the options. Before applying, do ask yourself if you are seriously interested in having careers with horses or not. As switching careers more often results in stress and demotivation. So always narrow down your focus and opt for the best option. If you want more information regarding different careers, then you should use EssayZoo. The experts will surely help you out!

Knowledge is Power

Just like any other job, having an equine career also requires knowledge. It would be best if you have a degree in the relevant field. However, having skills will help you in the same way. Before opting for the job, read all about it. If you do not have prior experience, then doing your homework will help you a lot.

Different Career Options to try:

Now we will move towards the different job with horses that you can consider:

1. Veterinarian

If you are interested in healthcare and love horses, then you can become Veterinarian. You will be responsible for treating injuries and for the overall healthcare matters of horses. However, this requires a license as well as experience. You will have to get a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree, which takes about four years. The bright side is that the job pays about $85000 per year, which is very promising.

2. Instructor

Horse instructors should be attuned to equine behaviors. Becoming a horse trainer first will help a lot as you will learn how a horse behaves in different settings and situations. It is crucial for the safety of the people to whom you will be providing riding sessions. The salary is decent, and the chances are that you will be getting around $40,000 a year.

3. Equine Nutritionist

Yes, Horses have their nutritionists too. As an equine nutritionist, you will be responsible for health, diet and the overall well being of the horse. In order to get this job, you must have training in nutrition and equine physiology. A degree in animal science will serve as a plus point. In case you need more information on this subject, you can ask experts to write a research paper on this. It is better to be informed beforehand.

4. Jockey

It is one of the most exciting and fun equine careers. As a jockey, you will be racing a horse; what is not to like about this job! You will be guided by a trainer who will provide all of the instructions. You must maintain a certain level of body weight, and for that, you will be following a strict diet. Along with a weight range of 49 to 54 kg, you must be physically and mentally healthy. It is because you will be riding and controlling a horse that will be moving at 64km/h and weigh around 540. This number is ten times the weight of the jockey. Overall, the sport is a dangerous one because there is a chance of falling, resulting in broken bones.

5. Horse Breeder

Horse breeders are responsible for horse mating. It is a critical step as it requires a lot of time and money, so the owner of the horse should think before investing. The owner should think about the type of breeding and what will the resulting foal be used for. A horse used for recreational riding and the one used for racing are different, so both will be from different breeds. The former needs to be quiet and calm, and the latter needs to have much physical strength for racing. A degree in animal science will be required as you will be using scientific knowledge. You will be eliminating the unwanted traits in the horses while keeping the desirable ones. The salary of a horse breeder also depends on experience.

6. Exercise Rider

Horses need to fit for a race physically; that is why an exercise rider is required. You will take horses on the racetrack each morning and teach them the skills needed to win the competition. You will also take care of the injuries resulting in the process. As an exercise rider, you will assess each horse and check what they need to learn to compete with other horses.

Now that you are well informed about different equine careers, it will be easy for you to choose. Each career mentioned requires a specific skill set. Keeping in view this list, you should now reflect on yourself and determine which skillset matches the one that you possess. Then apply away!