How to Bet on Sports FREE

Betting on sports can be a fun and exciting hobby, but it can also get expensive fast if you’re not careful. Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy sports betting without risking any of your own money. Here are some tips for betting on sports for free:

Use Free Bet Promotions

Many online sportsbooks offer free bet promotions to attract new customers. These usually come in the form of a matched deposit bonus, where the sportsbook gives you a free bet equal to the amount of your first deposit (up to a certain limit). For example, they may offer a 100% deposit match up to $50. So if you deposit $50, you’ll get another $50 for free to bet with. Just make sure to read the terms and conditions!

Take Advantage of Risk-Free Bets

Risk-free bet offers are similar to deposit bonuses, except you don’t have to make a deposit to earn the free play. Online sportsbooks will simply give you a free bet of a certain amount to use when you sign up. This allows you to make a risk-free wager upfront. If you win, you keep the profits. If you lose, you’ll receive a refund of the amount you bet.

Refer a Friend

Most sports betting sites encourage you to refer friends to earn rewards. For each friend that signs up using your referral link, you’ll both get some kind of free bet bonus, usually around $10-$25. That’s free money you can use to bet just for getting a buddy to join.

Use Odds Comparison Tools

To maximize the value of free bets and bonuses, use odds comparison tools to find the best lines. A difference of even half a point in the lines can have a big impact on your chance to win. Be sure to shop around for the best odds and make your free bets count.

Do Your Research

One of the keys to winning sports bets, even when using free plays, is to do your homework. Study stats, trends, injuries, and other factors that can influence the outcome. The more you know going in, the smarter your bets will be. Spend time researching before simply guessing on a game.

Learn Proper Bankroll Management

Bankroll management involves controlling your budget to minimize losses and avoid going broke. Experts recommend not betting more than 1-2% of your bankroll on a single wager. Have a plan for your bankroll and stick to it, using free plays as an extra bonus on top of your budget, not in place of it.

Check Out Sports Betting Forums

Forums like /r/sportsbook on Reddit are filled with advice and tips from experienced sports bettors. Read through forum posts and participate in discussions to learn about everything from strategy and statistics to sportsbook bonuses and more. Tap into the collective wisdom.

Listen to Betting Podcasts

Podcasts are another great way to pick up useful sports betting knowledge for free from the comfort of your phone. There are tons of podcasts dedicated to betting tips, handicapping advice, and sportsbook reviews. Find a few favorites and listen to episodes while commuting or exercising.

Watch Handicapping Videos on YouTube

In addition to podcasts, YouTube has many channels dedicated to sports betting education. Football handicapper Jon Price has an excellent free video series teaching his unique predictive modeling system. Many pros share useful strategy videos for beating the books.

Stream Sports Channels

One of the best ways to improve your betting skills is to simply watch and study as many games as possible. Streaming services like fuboTV offer sports channels that broadcast live games where you can analyze teams, players, and statistics. The more exposure you have to a sport, the better you’ll get at predicting outcomes.

Take Things Slow

When first starting out, don’t go crazy trying to bet every game available or putting up big money. Take your time studying the fundamentals, analyzing data, and getting comfortable with sports betting basics. Good results require patience. Stay disciplined and grow your skills.

While sports betting inherently involves financial risk, there are fortunately lots of ways to enjoy it at no cost. Take advantage of free bet offers, do your homework, and learn the ropes carefully to have fun without going broke. Bet smart, bet free.