From Footballing Glory to Equestrian Ambitions: Ancelotti’s Quest for Classic Victory with “Gala Real”

Carlo Ancelotti, a name synonymous with footballing excellence, is venturing into unfamiliar territory. The decorated manager, who has lifted the Champions League trophy a record five times, now sets his sights on a different kind of glory – conquering the prestigious Prix de Diane Longines, a classic race at Chantilly Racecourse in France. His weapon of choice: a promising filly named “Gala Real,” a nod to his most celebrated footballing triumphs with Real Madrid.

A Manager With Midas Touch

Every football fan, lover of the beautiful game, or punter on betting sites that accept cryptocurrencies and fiat money knows Ancelotti’s tale. His managerial career is a glittering tapestry of success. From his early days transforming AC Milan into a European powerhouse to his historic treble with Real Madrid in 2014 and recently contributing to making the Los Blancos a Champions League dynasty, Ancelotti has consistently defied odds and delivered trophies. His calm leadership, tactical nous, and ability to motivate players have earned him the respect of fans and colleagues alike. Yet, despite his decorated career, there remained an unfulfilled desire – a dream beyond the confines of the football pitch.

Enter Gala Real: A Champion in the Making?

Ancelotti’s foray into horse racing began with the establishment of Scuderia Dei Duepi, a racing stable co-owned with fitness coach Giovanni Mauri. While the world of football might be his natural habitat, Ancelotti’s passion for horses has simmered beneath the surface for years. Now, with Gala Real, a two-year-old filly by the stallion Wootton Bassett, Ancelotti has a chance to translate his footballing success to the racetrack.

The Prix de Diane Longines: A Coveted Prize

The Prix de Diane Longines, often dubbed the “French Oaks,” is a prestigious Group 1 flat race reserved for three-year-old fillies. Established in 1843, it’s one of the most coveted prizes in European horseracing, attracting the finest thoroughbreds and trainers. Winning the Prix de Diane signifies not just victor but also breeding excellence for the filly and a significant boost to the stud value of her sire.

The Road to Chantilly: Training and Preparation

Gala Real has been entrusted to the capable hands of trainers Alessandro and Giuseppe Botti, experienced horsemen known for their nurturing approach. The filly’s training regime combines physical conditioning with mental preparation. From building stamina through controlled gallops to practicing starts out of the gate, every detail is meticulously planned to ensure Gala Real peaks at the right time.

The Ancelotti Effect: Will Footballing Acumen Translate to Racing Success?

Although football and horse racing share similarities, from loyal fans who take to online and anonymous casinos to strategy and team dynamics, the transition from one to the other is not without its challenges. Ancelotti’s ability to motivate and manage a team of players might not directly translate to communicating with a horse. However, his keen eye for talent, peak performance sporting psychology, and tactical know-how could prove valuable in understanding pace dynamics and jockey positioning during a race.

The Competition: A Field of Champions

Gala Real won’t have an easy run in the Prix de Diane. The race typically attracts fillies that have already established themselves on the track. Top contenders include well-regarded horses from France, Ireland, and England, representing some of Europe’s most prestigious racing stables. Ancelotti and his team will need a combination of meticulous preparation, a flawless ride from the jockey, and a touch of racing luck to emerge victorious.

Beyond the Race: A Quest for Legacy

For Ancelotti, a win at the Prix de Diane Longines would be a feather in a cap already adorned with countless trophies. It would be a testament to his ability to excel outside his comfort zone and build a champion in a different sporting domain. However, beyond personal satisfaction, a victory would also solidify Gala Real’s place in racing history and potentially spark a renewed interest in thoroughbred ownership among football fans.


As the Prix de Diane approaches, anticipation among racing enthusiasts and football fans alike grows. Can Ancelotti’s Midas touch translate to the racetrack? Will Gala Real live up to her name and bring glory to Scuderia Dei Duepi? Regardless of the outcome, Ancelotti’s foray into horse racing is a testament to his adventurous spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence. His story serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that success can be achieved in unexpected places as long as one possesses passion, dedication, and a willingness to learn.