Derby Day

Millions of people worldwide like watching horse races, including the Kentucky Derby. Some of them place horse bets on their favorite thoroughbreds to make a profit.

Some amateur horseplayers aren’t aware of any tool or software that they can use to increase their chances of winning. The following are five top derby day software that you can install to win more horse wagers.

1.    Proform Racing

Proform Racing is renowned for its comprehensive horse betting solution and unique design. It adapts to any horseplayer’s gambling needs, has different prices and packages. You can access automatic wager finders, daily statistics, various ratings, a horse watcher, a huge database, and visual horse race guides.

The database has racing content of over 17 years. Besides, the software has impressive analytical tools that various players can use. Chris Dixon, Dave Nevison, Richard Hoiles, and Hames Willoughby are some of the most famous sports experts who often use Proform Racing.

The racing software has a £50 monthly subscription. It has three packages, including a £10 “24 Hour Access”, £20 “Race Guides,” and £50 one or four week’s package. There is a £195 Platinum package that all horseplayers can use for two months.

2.    Betmix

The software has a wide array of handicapping tools that help horseplayers win consistently. It uses proprietary slider technology that helps you assign particular weights to its more than 50 handicapping factors. They will help you form precise handicapping mixes.

Betmix is full-featured as it allows you to save 200 handicapping profiles. They can be for various distances, race types, and racetracks. Also, you can use its comprehensive database to check race results and develop handicapping systems.

The MixMaker software uses an efficient artificial intelligence (AI) system. It has a precise setting for previous races and can handicap horse races on your behalf. The All Races Report in the software helps bettors analyze different race cards to identify speed and space advantages.

You can customize racing reports which concentrate on specific race types. Betmix costs $50 per month, and it has handicap tutorials.

3.    Profit Maximizer

Mike Cruickshank built Profit Maximizer, and you can use it to wager on various tracks. The software has an automatic best-wager finder which reveals the best bookmaker to wager at a certain time. Mike is willing to answer any horseplayer’s queries.

There is a members’ forum on which users share horse betting tips, and Mikes shares various horse picks and betting strategies. Profit Maximizer costs £8 per month or £97 per year. It has a one-month money-back guarantee.

1.    Midas Method

The software has a new 3.0 version that provides the best horse picks. It offers an automated horse betting experience as it has consistent profits and results.

Midas Method has four built-in systems that enable you to build and manage other customized systems. It costs £6.5 per month.

2.    Value Tips

The software is easy to use and straightforward forward thus making it appropriate for beginners. It offers them insight into different races and enables them to identify great betting opportunities.

Value Tips has an automatic picker that you can use to wager if its tips have impressed you. Its developer not only provides the software but also sends tips to your email. The software costs $4 per month or £49 per year.

Horse betting has existed for more than a century, and the number of racebooks globally is on the rise. This is due to the increasing number of horseplayers from all over the world.

. You can pay a monthly or annual subscription for the software to access all its features and tools.

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