Benefits of Using Real Bookies, as Your Price Per Head Provider

Have you been tossing around the idea of offering your own “bookmaking” service? Whether you want to be a local bookie, a professional credit bookmaker or a sports betting agent — you will NOT want to try it without the help of software.

That’s where Real Bookies comes into play. They offer the best in case “price per head” bookmaking software service for people like you. Today, we are going to break down some of the many benefits of Real Bookies and how they can help you.

Complete Control & Flexibility as an Agent

Nobody knows their players better than the agent themselves. There may be times that you want to setup different rules, limits or restrictions based on who is betting. With Real Bookies, you have the luxury of doing just that.

Making money as an agent is all about keeping the players BETTING and you collecting the JUICE. It’s a numbers game. With software like Real Bookies you can truly tailor what you offer to each bettor. If a high roller is requesting lower juice, you have the option to offer that to them. If you want to set low limits on a certain player or set of players, you can do that with Real Bookies.

Easy for You as an Agent

If you’ve ever been a local bookie, you know how frustrating the process can be. You have to answer the questions about lines, take the wagers, track the results, credit the accounts and on and on. One of the biggest benefits to both you and your players is how easy the whole process becomes.

Our software offers the odds and lines. Your players can place their wagers online without getting you involved. Our team grades the wagers and your players accounts are credited. It’s HANDS OFF for you as the agent, which is a major benefit. has a slick agent interface that gives you ALL of the information you need at the tip of your fingers.

More Offerings for Players

A huge benefit of using Real Bookies is the number of wager options you can offer them. Now, they will have lines available for all major sports. They will have “live betting” available. Props, online casino, online poker, online racebook and more!

It’s truly an all in option for your players with Real Bookies. And as we mentioned above, the name of the game is collecting more bets and action. The more offerings you can make available, the more action your clients will make.

Proprietary Line Managing Software

So we have discussed the high level benefits of using a PPH service like Real Bookies. But now, let’s talk about why Real Bookies REALLY stands above the competition as the top PPH service.

They have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on artificial intelligence technology to manage their lines. Your lines will ALWAYS be in your favor and Real Bookies makes sure they are ahead of the competition.

This is a MAJOR BENEFIT to using Real Bookies. Don’t you want to be associated with the leading company? Not just one that is getting by. They are investing in their software and making sure they offer agents like yourself the BEST OF THE BEST.

Win Win for Everyone

In conclusion, there are many more benefits to using Real Bookies to manage your bookie service. But we touched on a handful of them. In the end, it’s truly a win/win situation for both you as an agent and your clients/players.

It becomes easy for you to manage your clients and it becomes easy for your clients to bet on sports. Take a look at Real Bookies as you start down your journey offering a PPH service.