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Recent MLB Success Raises Questions
By Tony George


Here is a recent inquiry with a Q and A pertainingto run lines in baseball:

Q: From a betting perspective, is it more advantageousto play the runline or the moneyline? Which do you prefer?

A: I prefer moneyline plays. Your odds are 50/50on the moneyline to win a wager. Numerous times you will havea heavy favorite and it looks to be to your advantage to lowerthe odds by laying 1.5 on a run line. I prefer to find lower oddswith smaller favorites. Teams tend to overlook weak sisters anddo just enough to win, especially late in the game, if they havea 1 run lead. Run line teams on the road are also a very bad bet,I rarely if all will lay the line, and will search elsewhere.

Q: Why is it that these less-than stellar teamshave been profitable on the runline and not on the moneyline?(except Florida – only team with a winning record)

A: See the above answer! Remember, no one wearinga pro baseball jersey is a slouch. The difference between oneof the best teams in MLB and the worst team in MLB is maybe 2runs at best, and a couple of errors away from being upset. Ifyou do not bring your “A” game every night, especially on theroad in ANY pro sport, you will get beat, bottom line.

Q: What do you take into consideration when playingthe runlines?

A: Bullpen depth of the team I am laying a run-linewith, especially their closer. If a bullpen has over a 3.50 ERA,and the closer is struggling or giving up late runs, such as Atlanta’sbullpen right now, I will not consider that team a good run-linebet.

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