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By Bob Acton of Sportingbet USA – now –

I f your looking for a sleeper in college football in 2005,look no further then the state of Arkansas where Houston Nutt’sRazorbacks will rebound from last season’s disappointing 5-6 season.Most of the country will look at the loss of sensational quarterbackMatt Jones and write off the Hogs, but this team will surprise.

The acquisition of defensive coordinator Reggie Herring fromthe North Carolina State Wolfpack is a huge boost to a defensethat was very passive last year. Nutt you may recall was consideredby many to be one of the top college coaches in the game, justa few years ago and he will have this team ready.

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Arkansas always produces a stable of top flightrunning backs and Robert Johnson is a 3-year veteran backup toJones and has some talent.

Even with the loss of RB DeCori Birmingham theRazorbacks still return plenty of talent in the backfield withKyle Dickerson, Peyton Hillis, De’Arrius Howard, Dedrick Pooleand Korey Sutton.

The Razorbacks open with winnable home gamesagainst Division I-AA Southwest Missouri State and Vanderbiltbefore things get tough, with road games at USC and Alabama. TheHogs do get Auburn, South Carolina and Mississippi State at home,but they must also play at Georgia, Ole Miss and LSU.

We’ve got guys who started here last year whoare not starting right now. There is no starting job safe on thisdefensive football team now, or will it ever be as long as I amhere. That’s because it is the system. When you see systems failand I have seen systems fail over the years, the reason they’vefailed is because of complacency. There are no freebies. No ‘You’vegot your job, chill out.’ I am not in the position at this pointwith this defense and this program at Arkansas to sit there andhave a comfort zone. I want players, coaches, all of us, to feeluncomfortable. You’ve got to set a high standard and get in anuncomfortable environment that makes you twitch. Makes you move.Makes you work harder. As crazy as it sounds, we made it chaotic,we made it a free for all.” – First-year defensive coordinatorReggie Herring.

FB-TB Peyton Hillis – Hillis emerged as a playmakeras a true freshman in 2004, scoring on six TD run and two TD receptionsand playing through a broken bone in his back.

TOP NEWCOMERS: CB Elston Forte- Arkansas signed four defensive backs 6-1 or taller, led by Forte,who chose the Razorbacks over Oklahoma State, Penn State and Memphis.”We needed some taller corners that could run,” Nutt said. “Thetrend you’re seeing in the SEC is taller receivers trying to findthat mismatch with corners, so we wanted to get a little tallerin the secondary.”

LBs Freddie Fairchild, Michael Bibbs and TyrellGraham – Fairchild, a Little Rock native who played at Hargrave(Va.) Military Academy last season, stands out as the most likelyfreshman linebacker to contribute in 2005.

Arkansas heads to Los Angeles on the 17th fora date with the Trojans, who will only have their trip to Hawaiiunder their belt. This is a dangerous game for the Trojans, asthey have road trips and PAC 10 games at Oregon and at ArizonaState, the following two weeks. The Razorbacks speed, could givethe Trojans problems and defensive coordinator Reggie Herringknows how to defend the West Coast offense very well. Grab thepoints in this one!

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