The Influence of the NFL on the iGaming Industry

The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most watched leagues – and most betted-on on the planet. I saw statistics that said the NFL was responsible for 24 of the top 25 most-watched broadcasts in 2023. Has the growing relationship with iGaming changed this? And what influence does the NFL have on iGaming? Read on to learn what I think.

The Evolution of the NFL’s Stance on Gambling

I’ve watched the evolution of the NFL and its stance on gambling. It wasn’t always so promotional towards it, but then again, sponsorships weren’t big. Now, there’s a sponsorship advertisement every, multiple times, and during all the ads if you’re watching it on TV. The NFL does overdo it with sponsorship ads, in my opinion. But I do like that the NFL’s stance has relaxed on gambling advertising.

I think the change happened because of changes to the legal landscape, public opinion, and the undeniable economic benefits. Let’s face it – it’s not just online casinos making tons of money from it. The NFL will make a fortune for it.

For me, I think the pivotal moment came with the 2018 Supreme Court decision. They overturned the federal ban on sports betting. It was a monumental moment, and since then, the NFL has gone crazy with it.

And it’s not just the NFL. Most sports have massive advertising and sponsorship investments in gambling and vice-versa. That’s across the globe, not just in the US.

Strategic Partnerships with iGaming Companies

I think the NFL was strategic with the iGaming companies they chose to make a partnership with. And I don’t think it’s only about partnership deals. Well, I do a little bit. But I also think it’s about improving the fan experience. And it increases the number of people going onto iGaming platforms.

They’ve partnered with industry giants like Caesars, FanDuel, and DraftKings – good choices now, in my opinion.

The better the new casinos online or established iGaming platforms they pair with, the more publicity it’ll generate for the NFL. Well, and money. Not that the NFL needs any more money. I saw one video of people buying Chiefs tickets in February for $30K+.

For fans, I think they’ll feel closer to each game.

These partnerships will create innovative in-game betting features, prop bets, and interactive competitions. It’s the sort of thing I look for if I’m using an iGaming casino.

Enhanced Fan Engagement Through iGaming

I do think iGaming enhances fan engagement. People are more invested in what’s happening – literally. You end up doing more research, talk about it more, and spend more time thinking about it. And recently, the NFL Super Bowl said viewers will see three sports better ads per game – they’re putting it in your face all the time.

Now the NFL is merging more with iGaming casinos, I think that fan engagement will continue to grow.

This deeper engagement brings fans closer to the game. It’s a win-win scenario, in my opinion.

iGaming’s Role in Viewer Retention

The NFL is one of the most-watched sports. I don’t think the NFL needs the help of iGaming to keep viewer retention levels high. I found online that viewer numbers went up 7% in 2023.

But, I think that iGaming helps keep people who wouldn’t usually be interested…interested.

Betting on games is something fun to do, and it looks to me like more casinos are integrating live sports features.

And, I think iGaming features like in-play betting keep viewers tuned in. They offer more dynamic betting options that evolve with the game’s progression.

Still, the NFL is becoming a must-watch event. It’s an event that I’ve noticed more people are watching. Or perhaps that’s just the Swiftie effect. Maybe I should have said more people are watching it because of the Taylor/Travi relationship.

53% more teenage girls are, anyway. And that’s all TikTok seems to be able to talk about.

The Future of NFL and iGaming Integration

I think the future of the NFL and iGaming is bright. There’s already been tons of money invested in gambling by the NFL. Like it or not, the two industries work well.

I think it’ll go more towards live betting, fantasy leagues, or interactive platforms on casinos with live viewing that’ll be the future. The possibility of making casinos more expensive with the NFL is big. They’re both massive industries with tons of investment money ready to make even more money from people who love using them both.

The NFL’s influence on the iGaming industry is bigger than I thought. It makes sense that the two industries would collide. I found statistics that said an estimated 73.5 Million Americans gambled in the NFL in 2023. Gambling on the NFL isn’t too far different from gambling on a casino game. Do you watch the NFL?