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January 25, 2005

Bodog First to Release Odds on the 77th AnnualAcademy Awards

Bdg is pleased to be the first to release odds on the 77th AnnualAcademy Awards, being held in Los Angeles, CA at the Kodak Theatreon Sunday February 27, 2005.

With the nominations being announced only momentsago, has once again released the odds for AcademyAwards Betting in advance of the others.

“The Academy Awards is the single largestawards event for Hollywood every year, and we are very pleasedto be able to make these odds available to players,” said CalvinAyre, Founder and CEO of Sports Casino Poker. “Therewere so many good movies this past year, and with no Lord of theRings movies in this year’s nominations, we could see a much broaderspread of recipients.”

Currently Jamie Foxx is leading the way for BestActor in a Leading Role, for his portrayal in Ray. Foxx is sittingat 3/2 odds. Leonardo DiCaprio is close behind at 2/1 odds. ForBest Actor in a Supporting Role, Golden Globe winner Clive Owen,is the current favorite at 3/2 odds. Next in line is Thomas HadenChurch, for his role in Sideways. Haden Church is listed at 2/1odds. Hillary Swank, who bulked up substantially for her rolein Million Dollar Baby, is currently the favorite for Best Actressin a Leading Role at 3/2. Film legend Annette Bening is rightbehind Swank at 2/1 odds. For Best Actress in a Supporting Role,Natalie Portman is the runaway favorite at 3/2 odds, with CateBlanchett at 2/1 odds.

The Best Director category has Martin Scorsesetied with Clint Eastwood at 3/2 odds. The coveted Best Picturecategory has Martin Scorseses’ The Aviator listed as the earlyfavorite at 3/2 odds, with Sideways coming up behind at 3/1. FindingNeverland is next in line at 6/1 odds, with the powerful depictionof Ray Charles at 10/1 odds.

“Jamie Foxx did an unbelievable job in his portrayalof Ray Charles, and after his rousing speech at the Golden Globes,he could be a shoo-in for his first Academy Award,” said CalvinAyre. “Million Dollar Baby, The Aviator, and Sideways were allexcellent movies, and all are very deserving of the nominations,and potentially the awards.”

Check outthe odds onthe 77th Annual Academy Awards here and bet them using our”instant checks” feature which allows you to deposit instantlyvia your checking accoiunt!

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