A Beginners Guide to Horse Race Betting

Betting on horse races has become a real passion for many people. Plus, you no longer must go to the racetrack to play. Everything is done on the Internet. Decided to join turf enthusiasts? The advantages abound. But to start well, there is some knowledge to be had.

Horse Racing is Not Just a Matter of Chance!

It is often said that horse betting is a game of chance. This is not completely wrong. However, you should not count only on your luck to win your bet because horse racing is a sport. Thus, there are several parameters to consider when choosing the winners. There is for example the shape of the horse, the quality of the jockey and his specialty.

Learn and Seek as Much Information as Possible About the Race and its Horses

Horse racing is a very popular sport and information about it is quite easy to obtain. You can follow the profiles of the teams, jockey, and coaches on social networks. It is also advisable to consult dedicated sites, such as Racing base which provides expert horse racing tips. It publishes information about training, tracks, and horses. You can also find the descriptions of the horses on the sites of the bookmakers. A lot of people who are just starting out don’t really know what information to look for. The first thing to do is to check the training: check if there are any problems that the coach could not handle; what is the horse’s track speed; how he did during the last jumps. Also see the weight: whether the weight has decreased or increased since the last race (some horses after a good race cannot manage their weight). Then find out about the jockey: check if the jockey is familiar with this type of race and if he has already had contact with the horse (in most cases jockeys who ride the same horse several times in a row know its capabilities). It is essential to follow the physical condition of the horse by finding out about its previous races.

You Need to Know the Different Types of Horse Betting

There are three types of horse racing. The dish is the most famous. He faces galloping horses over a course of one to several kilometres. Then there is the obstacle course. The concept remains the same. However, the competitors must overcome various obstacles such as hurdles, bars or even ponds. Finally, there is the trot. It is a particularly difficult race. Indeed, the horse is not allowed to gallop throughout the competition at the risk of being disqualified. The jockey does not ride on the animal. He sits on a sulky for the horse to pull. Sports betting therefore also differs depending on the type of race.

What Are the Most Famous Horse Racing Bets?

There are different ways to bet on horse races. For example, you can make a single bet. This is the simplest and most common. The principle is to choose the horse that will take first place or the winner. You can also choose the horses that will occupy the first three places. This is the “placed”. The trifecta is also a very popular bet. It consists of choosing the top three winners in order or out of order. We must also talk about the quarte +. As the name suggests, it forces punters to find the 4 horses that will finish the race first. They must be put in order. The most famous bet now, the quinte + closes this list. It owes its success to the fact that it allows players to pocket a huge prize. The goal is to find the first 5 horses in order. But to get started with horse betting, it is better to go for the easier game. This is the simple winner or placed.

You Must Take Some Precautions When Starting Horse Betting

Are you new to horse betting? It is strongly advised not to play on races with handicaps while galloping. It’s difficult to determine the winner without starting a careful study. So, remember to give preference to the horses which are more likely to win the game those with the weakest odds. Finally, avoid wagering too much early on. You must start little by little.