How to Choose the Best Betting Platform for Live Cricket in India?

Cricket is a sport with a centuries-old tradition. Sport was born in England at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. The rules of cricket aren’t the simplest ones, and the fastest way to understand all the rules is to watch the games. However, in India this discipline is very popular, many players place bets on cricket quite regularly. How to choose the best betting platform in order to place bets on cricket?

Check the odds

One of the main advantages in favor of cricket betting is the very attractive odds . The discipline is not popular in many countries, so the professionals responsible for setting courses often have a difficult task. We often come across a situation where the chances of both teams are assessed on the same level.

For those interested in cricket, this is a real treat. For them, it is not a problem to analyze and indicate the team that looks much better on paper. Often, therefore, we can count on cricket odds of 1.80 or 1.90, while the real probability of one side winning is much higher. Therefore, you can earn quite well on cricket betting tips. Mainly for this reason, cricket betting is very popular in our country and there are hundreds of professional teams in India.

Check whether the platform provides these tournament formats:

  • Cricket test (test matches) – the longest variety of cricket games. The practice match consists of two innings for each team and the time limit is limited to 5 to 6 days.
  • One day Cricket – Also known as Instant Cricket and Limited Overs Match LOM. In 1963, games with a limited number of overs were introduced for the first time . In addition, the players’ colorful costumes were introduced for the first time during one-day matches.
  • Twenty20 Cricket – This form of cricket includes 20 overs per team, an extra hit after playing no-ball, and somewhat simplified rules. Initially, this form was aimed at popularizing cricket games among the audience. Typically, a Twenty20 match lasts around three hours.
  • First Class Matches are high-level matches, international matches or matches between top club teams. First-class matches last at least three days and are played on natural grass, with each team playing two innings . If the tie remains tied after a certain time, the winner is drawn by lot. In order to participate in first-class matches, both teams must have “first class status” in the country they represent.

Check the bonus

For typical recreational players who have spent specific money on the game or want to bet on sports events during one of the popular events, such as the World Championships or the ODI series, the most important may be the bonus offer. We have devoted a separate article to what is worth paying attention to in this context.


It is difficult to entrust your money to a company that may go bankrupt soon; So what if the player will have even several thousand on his account if he will not be able to withdraw them to his account. Fortunately, a planting license from the Ministry of Finance gives some certainty that the company is in good financial condition, although of course all disturbing news about it should be followed.

The second issue is the solvency of the company and the related issue of limits on the individual client’s account. For obvious reasons, bookmakers do not want users to win a lot of money, so in the regulations he retains the option of limiting the player. The best companies, however, have their limits set so high that before such a threat appears, the player can win a lot of money. It is worth consulting other players on internet forums to find out what the bookmaker looks like in this respect.

In conclusion, in order to choose the best bookmaker for you, it is worth comparing several of them. Odds, offer or promotions are the main criteria that should be followed when answering the question – how to choose a bookmaker for cricket live betting?

Payment methods

Before choosing a bookmaker site, it is worth knowing what methods you can deposit and withdraw money in. Generally, the more options available, the better. Some bookmakers focused on the Indian market have bank accounts in India, which greatly facilitates the transfer of funds. Standard payment methods are: E-Wallet, Credit Card, Bank Transfer.

Customer Service/Live Chat

Perhaps the least important factor among those listed here, you may say. However, every player would like to contact the bookmaker. During the game there are sometimes mistakes and questions both on the side of the player and on the side of the bookmaker. It is nice when the correspondence with the support takes place quickly and in Indian.