5 Betting Strategies You Can Use in the Breeders’ Cup 2023

In just a few weeks, the Breeders Cup will begin. With all the big names attending the horse racing event, it will be fun as usual. However, if you’re there to do some serious betting, there are horse racing strategies you can use in the upcoming Breeders Cup.

From simple horse racing betting strategies like laying the favorite or more complicated ones like dutching, there’s at least one strategy you can pick up here that you can use later on. Don’t worry. They’ve proven to be effective in the right circumstances. With all that said, let’s start.


Many people, especially beginners, shy away from using this strategy. It’s most likely because it involves math. However, you don’t need to be a math whiz to use this strategy. So how does it work? Dutching involves betting on multiple horses in a race.

You will then pick the amount of money you want to bet for that race and divide it into several horses. Depending on which horses you pick, even a single win on those plethoras of bets will yield you profit.

Let’s give an example. You want to bet $100 on the Breeders Cup Juvenile Race. Based on the odds board, #2 has a 30% chance of winning the race. It’s then followed by #3 with a 25% chance and #5 with 20%. A bettor would then divide the $100 so that the return will be the same regardless of who wins the race.

For the first horse, you would be betting $43.48. In the second, $36.96. And for the last horse, $19.57. Any of these horses winning would win you more or less $91.30. But of course, if all horses lose, you lose the entire bet.

The Place Laying System

Most bettors would think about betting on a horse to win the race. However, this strategy is the exact opposite. In this strategy, you will bet on your breeders cup picks to lose and look at their odds in the place market. You must pick two horses and bet on them to lose in the same race.

However, you must pick a race with 5-7 contenders because you want the race to only pay the first and second horses on the place market. After this, you will win a profit if any of these horses don’t win the race in first or second place.

80/20 System

In horse racing, some horses are only fast for a short distance. These horses have an explosive start only to fall short in the race, especially when running with endurance horses. The worst thing is that it’s usually very hard to determine if a horse is a short runner if you don’t look at their track record.

With that in mind, you can use the 80/20 system. In this system, you will be dividing your unit into two bets. For example, if you have $100 to bet on the horse, you need to bet $80 of your bet for the horse to place. The remaining $20 would be for you to bet for the horse to win the race. This way, you still have a chance to profit even if your horse falls short in the middle of the race.

Laying the Favorite

This is similar to place laying, but this strategy is specifically used for favorites. Statistically speaking, the favorite has the biggest chance of winning the race. However, we all know that numbers are relatively inaccurate. In reality, a favorite only wins a third of its races, meaning it wins 1 out of 3 races where it’s the favorite.

That said, if you’re confident that the favorite will lose, you can use this strategy to take advantage of it. In this strategy, you will bet on the favorite to lose in the place market. However, the odds for this market greatly depend on the number of runners in the race. This is especially true in very competitive races like the Breeders Cup.


This one is simple. In horse racing, it’s a very common occurrence where the odds can fluctuate. Using this information, you will try to profit by betting on a horse to win in a traditional bookie and betting against it in the betting exchange. The margin between the odds might not be huge, so you can expect a very low profit, but it’s a guarantee.

Final Words

You can find many more horse racing betting strategies on the internet, but the ones discussed above are proven effective. If used correctly, you can win big in huge horse racing events like the Breeders Cup, which will happen this November. With all that said, good luck, and see you there.