Zamedia N.V. is Growing Down Under

When you ask many tourism experts, Australia is the one places on earth with animals, islands, reefs, and mountains like no other. It is a place you need to visit severally before you tour all major attraction sites.

On the flipside, Australia is the only country where 80% of the population identify as gamblers. So, when gaming comparison guide Zamedia N.V. says it’s growing in the world down under, it means they are doing a lot of things right.

If you’re an Aussie or Kiwi that fancies online casino games, here are reasons you need to know Zamedia and its services.

11,250 Pokies and Jackpots

Australia is synonymous with pokies, so it’s natural that every online casino in the world has a recommendation of games Aussies can play. But there’s one problem, you can’t trust every online slot you see.

Great pokies are difficult to find—unless you’re a resourceful company such as Zamedia. Through their slew of sites, Zamedia lists and recommends 12,250 pokies Aussies can play online.

Many of the games come from well-known software providers: Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n GO and Australia’s own Big Time Gaming. However, there are also great games from medium-sized and small developers. With that in mind, all Aussies need is to pick the right site to play these games.

194 + 43 Sites

Why the arithmetic? It’s simple. Zamedia has 194 casinos that accept New Zealanders and at least 43 sites for Australians. The companies are picked based on their reviews when it comes to serving Kiwis and Aussies and published on Kiwislots and Crickey slots respectively.

Kiwislots is one of the major trusted brands in New Zealand. It’s jam-packed with thousands of games, bonuses and free spins for Kiwis. But crucially, it’s an exceedingly well-organized site that lets you pick sites quickly and stress-free.

Can you trust the recommended sites? Zamedia does not recommend casinos not allowed to operate in Australia or New Zealand. It also doesn’t feature unlicensed companies or operators with tainted records.

Instead, 100% of the casinos you find at Kiwislots and even Crickeyslots are safe and licensed. When we say safe, we mean they protect your privacy, your data, and your money. They are companies with fair, high-paying games.

AUD $30,500 in Bonuses

Zamedia has a soft spot for online casinos with generous bonuses for Aussies. It likes operators that know players need free spins and betting credits for motivation. And don’t you agree? Everyone loves bonuses.

However, Zamedia takes the extra mile to ensure it doesn’t recommend casino duds based on bonuses alone. For that reason, it also checks an operator’s license, security credentials, software providers, and banking providers.

Bonuses come last, but they must be good bonuses for Zamedia to recommend them. It could be $10 or $1000. The unifying factor is for the rewards to have player-friendly wagering requirements. They also need to be easy to claim and have attractive withdrawal limits.

Zamedia doesn’t list all bonuses casinos provide, though. Many of the offers you can earn from gaming sites stay hidden until you become a regular customer. So, to ensure you avoid exploitive bonuses, read their terms and conditions beforehand.

Lotto and Live Dealer Games

Let’s face it. Not everyone loves pokies. Some people prefer more social games—blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat. If you’re one of them, there are plenty of sites with card games to join in Australia.

If you need recommendations, visit one of Zamedia’s websites. Kiwislots, for example, features a comprehensive Lotto guide and tops lotto sites. Zamsino, another site run by King and his team offers over 200 live casino games.

For people new to live dealers, getting started is straightforward. A laptop or smartphone with a clear web camera is required. Preferably, look for a device with great sound quality. Then you need to be decent at the games you choose to play.

If you select Texas Hold’em, ensure you can defeat fairly smart guys at the game. If your ideal card game is blackjack, learn all the important strategies. The reason is that you’ll be playing against fellow humans. And if you’re the worst player around, you will lose every time.

News and Updates

One of the reasons Zamedia is growing in the world down under is that they have a series of helpful gaming guides. Not the standard lists of great sites to use but long-form informational articles related to gambling in Australia and New Zealand.

What’s more, they have roulette guides, bonus updates, and tips to help multiply your profits over time. Besides news and tips, one of the best parts of the blogs is discovering new bonuses you might not find in other parts of the website.

Overall, Zamedia’s blogs are a small section of what they offer, but it ensures Aussies that need helpful gaming information to acquire it timely.

Personalized Picks

If you’re like many people, you hate companies that outsource customer service off-shores. No one likes to ask for technical assistance only to get connected to someone struggling to speak English. It’s even worse if they can’t solve your problem.

Zamedia is growing in Australia because it understands players’ pain points. It knows people love personalized services from casinos. In turn, it partners with operators know for their high-quality services.

Whether it’s about banking options, games, or customer assistance, you’ll find casinos that understands you at Zamedia. That means operators who know what games and payments you prefer and give them to you.

Of course, don’t assume every website listed at Zamedia’s websites are flawless. Each company is unique. So, research more and join only those sites you believe meet your expectations.


Zamedia is one of the fastest-growing gaming brands in the world. But it’s particularly famous in Australia and New Zealand, two countries known for their love for Pokies. Why is it famous? Zamedia, though Crickey slots, Zamsino, and Kiwi slots, are solving a problem felt by many players.

They are doing the hard work of researching and compiling great online casinos. In turn, they recommend the very best companies.