Top Tips for Picking Horse Racing Winners in 2019

Most of us occasional punters may pick a horse based on anything from their name all the way through to the price that bookmakers are offering on a particular runner. However, that’s probably not the most intelligent approach to take if you fancy backing a few winners from time to time.

Here are our top tips to help you choose winning horses this year:

Research the Trainers

Before you decide on what horse to back ideally you want to pick a runner with a history of race wins but it’s wise to do a bit more research and check the credentials of the trainer. You should find out information about when the trainer last claimed that horse and then try and find out if the horse and trainer pairing has won anything since they started working together.

There are plenty of online resources where you can find this type of information but try and opt to back a horse and trainer that have won at least 15% of their outings.

Check the Last 10 Races

In order to find in-form horse be sure to check their form over an extended period of time. When you can’t decide which horse to select, use this tip;. look closely at one horse and pay attention to their last dozen races to see if there is a pattern. Also consider a horse’s form across different tracks.

Check for Horse Equipment Changes

When searching for a winner you should attempt to find up to 5 different horses who have claimed victory in their last race, or at least ended up in the top 5. Then proceed to check which one of these horses have new equipment. It’s well known that a horse will race better if they have headlights to help with their sight for example.

Take advantages of bookmaker promotions and tips

Bookmakers are always vying for your trade and you can follow some excellent free horse racing predictions and offers by leading experts who have a history of picking winners.

Be careful to avoid tipsters who require you to pay, or anyone who claims to have guaranteed inside knowledge, but there are legitimate tipsters out there, especially those that work for reputable sites.