The Growth of Mobile Betting in the USA

Sports betting fans from the US are anxiously waiting for the good times, namely the days when betting on sports will once again be legal in the United States. For the time being, only a handful of Americans can bet on their favorite matches legally, while others have to find ways around prohibitive laws. The only constant thing is the growing excitement for mobile gaming, as a significant majority of punters use smartphones and tablets to place their bets.

A hotspot for online entertainment

Handheld gadgets are routinely used by fun-loving individuals to explore different forms of online entertainment. Online sports & casino betting is one of them and offered all over the world from websites like or review each operator, as both smartphones and tablets are perfectly suited to place bets with major bookmakers. Virtually every online gambling operator has updated its website and game collection to meet the expectations of modern players. The sports and betting markets are intuitively grouped, so punters are just one click away from placing a bet.

One thing that has caught the eye of online players is the ability to watch the games as they unfold on smartphones and tablets. All of the respectable bookmakers offer live streaming services to punters who have registered an online account and place a wager. These can be accessed on mobile devices and players can watch multiple streams wherever they may roam. Having as little as one cent is usually enough to watch the games live which helps them make an educated decision when betting.

As more states follow the lead of New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada, and legalize online gambling, the growth of mobile betting also accelerates. For the time being, there are more states allowing online casino games than sports betting, yet the gap is slowly but surely closing. In 2019 there were some exceptions made, so people were allowed to bet on select esports tournaments and the Super Bowl. It also helps that the Supreme Court has ruled in the favor of states choosing the path towards legalize sports betting.

A source of income for state coffers

One of the main reasons why lawmakers are keen on legalizing online sports betting is to bolster the income through tax revenue. Instead of allowing funds to bleed to offshore bookie while providing no protection to players, these states are regulating the gambling industry. With a vast majority of Americans being law-abiding citizens, a regulated industry will greatly accelerate the growth of mobile betting in the USA. International bookmakers are waiting for an opportunity to opened shop and cater to Americans.

Legalized sports betting activities will not only attract more players, but also encourage existing ones to stay active. Those who have discovered the benefits of using mobile devices for entertainment are unlikely to go back to computers. Sports betting is no different and those who bet on smartphones and tablets see no reason to forsake their newfound freedom. At the end of the day, the growth of mobile betting in the US is almost assured, but a legalized industry will greatly accelerate the process.