Pay Per Head Business

The sports betting industry has been around for many, many years, and it has always been one of the most fun and profitable, and that’s why everyone wants to be a part of it. It’s not always easy, of course, to be able to go in and be successful on your first try, so opening your own sportsbook was something that wasn’t really at the reach of many, at least until a few years ago.

The boom of the Price per Head industry came to change everything we know around sports betting. PPH service providers like have been around for years now, we’ve been able to grow and evolve with the industry, we now have the experience, the personnel, the tools, everything you need to be able to run a successful sportsbook operation, and we put it all at your reach for just a small weekly fee per active customer.

How does the Pay per Head business work?

It’s easy, is a fully operational sportsbook, and for that small weekly fee, we will work as your partner, we will provide you with everything you need, and you will be able to offer it as your own. This will allow you to offer your players a real world-class sports betting website and platform, for the minimum cost and risk. You will only need to invest a few hundred dollars every week or month, and most importantly, you will only have to invest a fraction of the time and effort in comparison to what it took before, because we will be running your operation for you.

We have the servers, the IT solutions, the sports betting software and platform, the reporting tools, the website designers and programmers, the Customer Service personnel and wagering clerks, and it’s all there for you to offer it as your own. We have some of the smartest and sharpest line movers in the world right here with us, and they will be dealing your lines and odds, opening up new and exciting markets, and making sure that your players can always find and play in any league or game they might be looking for.

Can I take a free trial before I join a PPH service?

Of course, here at we offer you a free trial period that you can enjoy safely, no strings attached, so that you can test all our tools for yourself, see how everything works, so that you can ask us any questions at all and we can clear any doubts you might have. We want you to use it and take good advantage of this tool, because we’re sure you will enjoy it, and after that, we’ll be working together for a long time.

So, go to our website now, or just give us a call whenever you want, and we’ll be more than happy to sit down with you, talk about your bookie needs, about your players, and about the many ways in which we can help you become a truly successful bookmaker.