Online Bookie Tips: Increase Profit with Influential Gamblers

There are all sorts of ways for pay per head agents to increase profits. One of the best ways, that many agents might not know much about, is by utilizing influential gamblers.

Influential gamblers and players, can truly help agents increase profit. Keep reading for info on how.

Pro Players are Your High-Profile Clients…

Remember the differences between pro players and casual players?

Pro players are high-profile clients. They don’t wager as often as casual players. When they do wager, they often wager many more dollars than casual players wager.

This is important to understand because many online bookies make the mistake of not wanting to work with pro players.

Why? Many pro players win more than they lose. You want to make your pro players happy for several reasons.

The most important is that pro players naturally move betting lines. What this means is that pro players move lines for other pro players as well as moving the lines for casual players.

Pro players’ actions naturally increase profit from casual players.

How does this work?

  1. Pro players often bet on dogs
  2. Casual players often bet on favorites
  3. When pro players wager money on dogs, the line changes due to the sheer amount of money wagered
  4. The line becomes more favorable for casual players
  5. Casual players push existing wagers, or make initial wagers opposite pro players

Pro players are quiet about the wagers they make for this reason. Pro players are big on discretion. They want the optimum spread on which to place their wager.

…But Not All Influential Gamblers Are Pro Players

Many casual players, who think themselves pro players, can have a huge influence on profit.

Many casual players get information for their bets via tout services. Tout services are neither casual nor pro players.

Tout services make money by touting what wagers players should make.

No doubt some tout services work with pro players. More likely those pro players are players that wager a lot of money. Many tout services work with casual players.

Casual players that work with tout services often spread the information they’ve gleaned from tout services to other casual players. This can increase profit.

The bottom line is that you must keep your pro players happy. Per head agents should allow pro players to naturally set the line.

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