Mobile Apps Are Taking Over

There is no denying that the Internet changed humanity, not only has it changed how we communicate and how we relate to one another, it has drastically changed how we do business and we view and enjoy entertainment.

How They Will Expand Online Gambling

The sports gambling industry is not an exception, mobile apps are taking over, in the same way that offshore call centers taking bets on computers did back in the 90’s. This is why bookie website software has become so important in recent years. The first mobile apps, were for lack of a better word terrible, they had hardly any features, the number of wager types available was limited to straights, small parlays and standard teasers.

These days technology has advanced to a point where the entire sportsbook offering is available to mobile players, making their betting experience a lot more enjoyable, which translates into a much more motivated player who in the long run is more likely to lose rather than win.

The impact of mobile betting was understood by early on, and they worked tirelessly to find a mobile app that provided the best customer experience possible. The technology is ever changing, and improvements happen continuously; when it comes to bookie website software, everything is in a perpetual work in progress stage, and that is how it should be.

It is estimated that the underground betting industry is worth $400 billion a year, and it only seems reasonable that this side of the industry be the one driving the technological advancements, that later on will be adopted by sportsbooks in Nevada and other jurisdictions.

As an industry leader Ace Per Head has always been at the forefront of innovation, with their mobile betting app, their in-game betting lines, and their impressive data center they are creating the perfect storm to expand the industry to heights previously unimaginable.

The biggest beneficiaries of this mobile expansion are agents and players, who can now manage their business from anywhere at any time, or place their bets in a completely private setting, no eavesdropping, no prying eyes con the computer screen.

Online gambling continues to grow with each passing year, there have been no signs of slowdown, and this just means that bookie website software will continue to grow and expand into the mobile betting platforms of the future.
At this stage, nearly every pay per head service offers a mobile version of their service, yet a lot are still limited in their offering, or difficult to navigate and place bets on. This is simply not the case with’s mobile betting platform, all the bells and whistles you get from their online platform are available for mobile devises, improving user experience and overall satisfaction.

When you think about it, the mobile platform adds so much value to an agent’s bookie business, gives them an edge against their local competitors and opens up the market reach and creates new and exciting growth opportunities.

If you haven’t done so yet, register and agent account with and take advantage of the latest in technology and professionalism.

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