How to Bet on NBA Games

One of the most exciting ways to enjoy everything in the NBA regular season, playoffs, and finals is to place bets. Many bookmakers offer a large variety of betting options, bonuses and promotions to punters who wager on the NBA games. 

Like other popular sports, there are numerous ways you can bet on basketball, including popular ones such as moneyline, point spread, and totals bets and others. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned bettor, our guide will help you to learn how to place NBA bets at any sportsbook. Moreover, you can find out more about betting sites at betpack before you start.

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline or the straight-up is a straightforward bet in basketball. This type of bet requires you to choose a team you think will win the match. Usually, the odds for a game in a moneyline bet is based on the individual team’s implied probability of winning. These odds are displayed in hundreds (American odds) where one team is set as an underdog and the other as a favourite.

Point Spread Betting

This is one of the most preferred odds markets for basketball. The point spread betting levels the difference in skill between two teams. The oddsmakers take time to analyze two teams, the playing venue, injuries, and current form before calculating the point spread. Note that the point spread is indicated by a negative value (-2.5).

Over/Under Betting

The over/under or totals bet is where you bet on whether the combined final outcome will be over or under a set number of points. The work of the oddsmaker is to weigh the matchup between two teams, looking at both offensive and defensive production and setting an expected total number of points scored by each side.

Prop Betting

In basketball, prop betting involves the occurrence or non-occurrence of an event. You will find the teams prop bets based on how many assists they get, how many points will be scored, how many rebounds a player will get and more. The prop bets are considered more exciting than other mentioned wagers.

Future Betting

As the name suggests, NBA future bets require you to wager on events that will occur in time. All the odds are set based on events that are yet to happen. The good thing with future bets is that they can be made anytime. Sportsbook release odds before the beginning of the season.

Handicap Betting

When setting lines in basketball, oddsmakers consider different factors like past performance, training, injuries and others. In handicap betting, the favourite team will get an extra point to increase the chances of it winning over the underdog.

Parlays Betting

This type of NBA wager allows you to make one or two bets on the betting slip. You can choose a bet from the moneyline, the totals, and point spread from a different matchup. Note that the more bets added to parlays, the higher the possible payouts. 

Bottom Line

Regardless of the betting site you choose, you must understand how the bets work before you start wagering. Find the bets that really work for you and a reputable sportsbook to maximize your winning opportunities.