Live Betting – Everything Explained!

Sports betting is one of the booming businesses in the world today. There are numerous ways you can bet on sports or any other event. Live betting is the latest form of betting, yet one of the widely practiced. Punters are lured by the fact that you can bet on an event in real-time as it occurs. 

Unlike the standard bets, bookmakers offer new odds before each period in in-play betting. Today, it is easy to find easier to find live betting opportunities at leading sportsbooks. The reason why some sportsbooks are not offering in-gaming is that it requires a lot of resources. 

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Benefits of In-Play Betting

Players who opt for in-game betting enjoy a range of benefits. This is one of the reasons why this form of betting is fun. Here are some of the benefits you get as a punter:

  • Ability to avoid bets
  • Higher odds of winning than in standard betting sites
  • Numerous betting options
  • Awards unique bonuses like the free bets
  • Faster cash outs
  • You get a better insight into the game before betting
  • Offers specific bets that can only be found in live betting

Reading Live Betting Odds

In-game betting is simple, and you really don’t have to be an experienced sportsbook user. Before everything else, you must understand that live betting odds change with time. When you choose odds, and they change before the set time, you will be notified. You may choose to pick odds for the next point winner or the winner of the next game. In many cases, match trackers display the game in graphic form. This enables you to track serves, study the in-game stats, and double faults.

Types of Bets in In-Game Betting

Nowadays, live betting is available in a range of sports. However, the types of bets may vary from one sportsbook to another. In this section, we have covered the popular types of bets and the sports you can bet on.


Football is the most popular and watched sport in the world. Moreover, there are hundreds of bets that you can place on NFL leagues and tournaments. The most popular football bets are moneyline, total points, props and point spread.


There are lots of live betting opportunities in NBA games. You can choose to place point spread and moneyline or wager on the points that will be scored in a given quarter, the first quarter, second quarter or total points.


Punters have a wide range of live odds when it comes to betting on baseball. Depending on the site, you may bet on the events throughout the season or wager on the World Series events as they happen in real-time. Some of the common baseball bets are total runs, total pitches, total strikeouts, and many others.


Many people enjoy and love placing in-play bets on hockey. The good thing with this game is that it has a fast and furious action. Some of the popular bets that you can place in hockey include puck line, final score, period winner, period goals, handicap and many others.


Another popular sport that attracts hundreds of bettors is tennis. Many sportsbooks allow you to make wagers like the Grand Salam. The beauty of in-play tennis betting is that you get to support lots of fast markets.

Mobile Live Betting

The best thing about the latest technology is that you can place live bets on your mobile device either on the go or from your home. You may be required to download an app for Android and iOS or access the site directly from any browser.


There is no better way to enjoy betting on sports that in in-play sportsbooks. Live betting sites allow you to bet on any sport in real-time while following the action on your TV. Moreover, you may close out a bet before the match ends and use the profit to wager on other games.