Get to know a Pay Per Head Software through it’s Free Trial

Bookies everywhere are looking for a better way in which to run their business, they want to minimize costs’ while maximizing profits. There are more than a few ways to operate a bookie business and one of the very best ways is through the use of a great pay per head service. With a pay per head, you have the ability as a bookie to finally quit working so hard! We know what it means to be a bookie, we have been there and been in your shoes, we can empathize. The best things in life are free and that’s the real beauty of trying a pay per head on for size.

*Bookies have a never-ending job that goes unrecognized. You must be all things to all people, all of the time. It gets old. You became a bookie because you no longer had the desire to gamble and/or, you were tired of losing. Now, you want to start winning!

What is a pay per head?

  • A turnkey online sportsbook and casino. A service provided by a gaming experienced company that offers everything you need to be a successful bookie and an online casino operator.
  • A pay per head is exactly what you see when you conduct a Google search for an “online sportsbook”. The difference between them and you, they do all of the work themselves. They have a team of programmers and industry smart oddsmakers that build the site and maintain it daily. They also have a team of online support with servers and security. It cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • A pay per head allows you to build your client base without the worries of everything that a bookie must do.

What is a bookies job?

  • Prepare, set, and display in some fashion all of the daily lines, and odds for every sporting event that you offer.
  • Prepare your daily bankroll, knowing that you have enough for payouts.
  • Prepare reports on your active players, knowing who is beating you, and who is losing.
  • Knowing exactly how much you have won, how much you have lost and how much available capital you have to work with going forward in the week—preparing the reports.
  • Grading events, you must grade every event, and grade it as soon as the event has ended. Players want paid, this can mean grading until late in the evening, even into the wee hours of the morning. You must be prepared with a grading and payout policy.
  • Credit—how are you going to handle this issue. Will you offer it, what are the limits?
  • What about betting limits, will you set them accordingly with deposit amounts? Will they be per event, per day, or per week?

*Your job as a bookie is unending if you go it alone. The beauty of a pay per head is the very idea that all of this work is done for you. A PPH really is turnkey—you turn the key, enter the door and hit the couch and pick up the remote!  It’s that simple. No more headaches, no more late-night phone calls wanting in on the mornings action. All of that mess is over.

  • If you are still not sure that a PPH is right for you, no problem, you can try it before you buy it.
  • Jump online and check out a fantastic pay per head provider today. You can be up and running in literally a few hours. The great ones offer a free trial and they will not badger you. They let you move at your pace. You get to try before you’re obligated.
  • A great PPH starts at around $7-$10 and can go as high as $15, depending on the level of service. No matter how you break it down, the price of comfort is extremely affordable.

There is nothing quite like the peace of mind in knowing that everything you do as a bookie, has been done for you. Literally everything from daily cash reports, to betting reports, credit, limits, the daily lines and odds. Even better; grading bet slips. Who wants to grade bet slips until 4:00 am? Nobody? Stop doing it. There is nothing worse than getting a call at 2:00 am asking if their bet won or lost, or worse yet, asking if the line is up for the next day’s game. Give yourself a break, it’s time to focus on finding clients and making money. Ditch the administrative work and start enjoying life. Now you can for free. Call the pay per head provider today and get started.

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