Can You Be Your Own Bookie?

If you are looking to be your own bookie then the best way to do that would be to utilize a pay per head bookie service. These services are made specifically so anyone can become a bookie and then accept wagers from people they know.

These services offer an all-inclusive sportsbook website where they put up thousands of sports betting options every day and update all odds up to the second for players to bet on. Then as soon as each game ends they grade all wagers, and all balances get automatically updated into the players’ and agents’ accounts. They handle all the bookmaking aspects for the bookie, which means you as the bookie do not even need to know anything about creating and moving lines on games.

In addition, these PPH services are open 24/7 and they can assist bookies with any questions you have about players or the business, help with any type of requests such as limit changes and player analysis, and can advise you on ways to grow your business and effective ways to deal with players and subagents.

Cost Effective with Unlimited Potential for Profits

Not only do these services do all the work for the bookie, but they are also extremely affordable. The cost is in the name, where they charge per player or per head that uses the site each week. The average price is around $10 per active player a week and this can vary, based on the quality of the service, website, lines, and amount of betting options.

Not only is the price only $10 per active player per week but the player can bet one time or a thousand times and it’s still the same price, but there are no commissions. This means that whatever the player wins or loses on the site the bookie will take care of the payments directly with the player and keep 100% of those profits.

If a player lost $500 that week then the bookie would collect that and keep the full amount. Also in the world of gambling, players always lose over the long term and often lose hundreds to thousands of dollars per week. So the more players you have betting with you, then the more money you will be earning each week. The sky’s the limit in terms of how much profit you can earn as a bookie each week, and year.

Using Word of Mouth to Grow your Bookie Business

All you need to focus on as the bookie is just making sure you pay people when they win, collect when they lose, and grow your business by acquiring more players.

The best way to grow your sports betting business is by using word of mouth and reaching out to all friends, family, coworkers, schoolmates, and social media friends and seeing if they have any interest in betting. Millions of people bet every day, so it’s not hard to find people and you can also offer them small free play bonuses to get them hooked and started.

So if you want to be your own bookie, then get set up with the best pay per head service today.