Software for Betting Odds

Nowadays there are many different software options available for betting odds and if you are looking to book action then the best option is to go with a state of the art pay per head bookie service. These services provide thousands of betting odds each day for players to bet on and they update all the betting odds up to the second and 24/7.  In addition they grade all wagers as soon as each game concludes, and then all player and agents’ balances get updated up to the second into each account.

So if you are looking to be a local bookie and accept wagers on various sports, then the most optimal way to do that is by utilizing one of these pay per head services. They do all the work and bookmaking aspects for the clients, which means that all the bookie needs to do is just find players that want to bet and pay and collect from his players.

Sharpest Betting Odds Software

One of the sharpest odds providers in the market is They take an average of the 5 largest books in the world and then move the lines based on where the action is going.  In addition they have some of the sharpest professional bettors in the world betting on their site, so as soon as these types of bettors make a bet on a game, they use that information to move the lines immediately and aggressively. In addition Ace Per Head also is very aggressive with moving the juice or vig on games, and sometimes they even have lines where the juice can move from -110 to as high as -130.

The difference between a half a point or a point on a game is often the difference between a win or a loss, which is why it is very important to have a software betting odds provider that has sharp fast moving lines. Also a price that is juiced an extra 5 or 10 cents will also add more profits every time a player loses a wager. These small differences may not seem like a lot, but can add up to a lot of money over time.

Since Ace has more betting options and sharper lines then other betting odds providers their weekly average hold percentage is 14% per week, compared to the industry average of 5% per week. For example if a player risked $1,000 in a given week, on average they would lose $140 on Ace, compared to only $50 on another service.  So having sharper lines is a key way to earning more money as a bookie, and the best way to do that is by using a sharp service such as Ace Per Head.

Pay Per Head Facts

So if you want to earn money from booking action on sports, then give Ace Per Head a call at 1-800-909-5193 and get set up with one of the sharpest betting odds software providers in the industry today.