Best Websites to Check Reviews

Pay per head (PPH) sites help novice, and experienced bookmakers manage vital gambling operations. They have various packages with different PPH services.

But, some bookie operators don’t know what to look for when choosing a PPH company. Check the online reviews of these four famous price per head service providers.


Bettors and sportsbooks get a seamless gambling experience from A1PPH. It has reliable customer support that has played a key role in building its reputation. The PPH company allows bookies to sign up without obligations and use its software for a few days for free.

The easy-to-use bookie software provides an all-in-one betting solution in a single account. Thus, it simplifies the betting process for all stakeholders. AIPPH provides live lines in various sports that you can run efficiently.

AIPPH’s software has in-built redundancy features that keep bookmakers and gamblers online throughout. It has an efficient and reliable system that supports huge traffic. The system rarely breaks down, thus offering you steady revenue during on-peak and off-peak betting hours.

The company provides software reporting, which has a broad selection of features that make it user-friendly. They make players enjoy betting as they can ask for more betting lines. Besides, the software provides bookies backend flexibility as they can alter players’ line profiles and betting limits.


PPH365 is popular among offshore sportsbooks. It offers exclusive betting lines fand has easy-to-use bookie software.

The company’s software provides many betting options that match different bettors’ needs. It is easy to use and focuses on bookie’s betting requirements. They get complete PPH solutions from PPH365.

Sports agents get an extra feature that enables them to access performance reports, activate and deactivate various gambling options, change player’s betting and weekly limits. It grants operators total control over their gambling enterprises. Also, agents get unlimited phone support and a customized website at a low price.

You won’t pay any commission or give PPH365 part of your revenue. Also, you can try its software for a short period before you subscribe to its PPH services.


247PPH provides betting companies with an end-to-end pay per head solution shortly after signing up. It requires you to pay an initial fee for your account to start operating. Once the company activates it, it starts setting up your players and creates their gambling limits on its system.

The PPH provider has specially designed its software to perform all gambling tasks. But, it doesn’t accept and process online payments. So, you need to collect money from each bettor.

The software frequently updates live odds for renowned sports like the English Premier League (EPL), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), and the National Football League (NFL).

247PPH also provides a complete casino that you can integrate into your website. It offers bettors a wide array of gambling options hence increasing your profits. They can log in and wager anytime.

America’s Bookie

The company has vast experience in the gambling industry. It offers a casino, racebook, and sportsbook. Bettors get 100 percent free wagers that America’s Bookie adjusts to a $100 deposit.

America’s Bookie has easy-to-use betting software that offers eight types of wagers, including action reverse, if win or tie only, win reverse, parlays, round robins, teasers, and straight bets. It allows bettors to wager on popular entertainment, political and sporting events.

The PPH provider has an organized homepage that mainly focuses on sports gambling. It doesn’t have irritating ads, thus allowing bettors to concentrate on gambling. You can select different types of bets using America’s Bookie’s sorting functionality.

Some bookmakers and bettors write amazing reviews of the pay per head companies whose services they use. AIPPH, PPH365, 247PPH, and America’s Bookie are the best PPH service providers. They have many positive reviews that praise their betting software, customer support, and pocket-friendly rates.