A Bingo Guide That Will Lead You to Victory

Think of a game where striking colours and random numbers are everything. A place where chance meets luck and emotions run high. The game is Bingo! From cosmic sized Bingo halls to engrossing themes featured on online Bingo at bingomummy.com. This is a game of chance that’s played by both young and old crowds. There may not be a guaranteed way to ensure a win but there are many ways you can increase the odds. Bingo is a very simple game; there are no dreary rules and complex methods.

Construct a Winning Environment and Pay Attention

First things first if you want to win you need to start with the basics. When playing Bingo, you need to be on top of your game and not side-tracked by an itchy nose or a dry mouth. You need to make sure you get everything you need before you start playing, from a refreshing beverage to your lucky charm. Stay focused and alert, every number counts. A winning mind-set and attitude are key.

Less Is More in bingo games

In contrast to slots games, bingo does not need a large number of people to play to push the jackpot forward. Whether it’s online Bingo or the traditional sit down Bingo, the fewer the players the better your chances are. Get involved in a game that has low attendance. This will increase the probability of you winning. The best playing times are usually weekdays. The quiet odd hours of the morning or night always host a decreased number of participants.

  • Get more cards: This is an infamous Bingo strategy. The more cards you buy, the bigger your chance of winning. A pattern or matching number is likely to be on one of the cards. It is also wise to choose cards that don’t have numbers that are repeated.
  • Granville’s Bingo strategy vs. Tippett’s Bingo strategy: Both of these strategies can bring you a step closer to the prize.

The Granville strategy is quite popular and often used by most players around the world. This strategy works with equals. You need to ensure your cards have an equal number of

– highs/lows

– odds/even

– equal numbers that end with any number 1 to 9.

The Tippett strategy is not as popular as the Granville but has proven to be very effective. The main aim of this strategy is to improve your odds. It works with the length of a game.

– For a short game, your Bingo card numbers should be closer to 1 and 75.

– For longer games like blackout Bingo, the cards you pick should be closer to the number 38.


In Bingo it is impossible to predict a win or a method to win. The only way to improve your chance is through knowledge. Whether you a Bingo enthusiast decoding number patterns or just looking for some fun. One thing is undeniable, we all want lady luck to be on our side to ensure the prize is ours. Lady luck sometimes takes her time to get to us so why wait for her to take the wheel? When you can use these tips to step your game up and increase your chances of winning the grand Bingo jackpot.