2005 NFC West Preview

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NFC WestFirst – CardinalsSecond – RamsThird – SeahawksFourth – 49ers


· Kurt Warner is back, and he’s got quality tothrow to.

· Robert Griffith, Orlando Huff, and Chike Okeaforare the real positive additions.

· Rookie of the year….J.J. Arrington. If a 63year old Emmit Smith can rush for 9 TD’s…What will Arrington dowith a better offense?

· Boldin – Fitzgerald – Johnson – PLUS + PLUS+ PLUS

The Cardinal is the State Bird in Illinois, Indiana,Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia. NOTARIZONA…you changed the Logo, Why not change the team name atthe same time!! Cheap Bastards!! The Cardinals scored 14 pointsor less 9 times last year…that’s not a Dennis Green team. Lookfor the Cardinals to spread the field, throw deep and then letArrington hit the wide open holes. The Cardinals lost 4 gameslast year by 3 points. With a sound defense and another year together,look for those games to be turned around. 10-6 and win the NFCWest.


· Mark Bulger threw for 3964 yards last yearwith a weak offensive line, taking Alex Barron in the first roundwill help change that.

· No one loves Mike Martz more than Mike Martz.

· The Rams last year had an impressive -24 intakeover ratio, worst in the league.

· St Louis was 2-6 on the road last year andlost 5 of those games by a combined score of 178-72.

· Steven Jackson takes over for Marshall Faulk.

The Rams uses to be the most talented team inthe NFC West, and they still might, but they do have Martz astheir Head Coach and that’s not a good thing. He has a habit ofnot getting the most from his players. A year ago the Rams didn’tscore enough to win on the road….look for the same in 2005.


· The Seahawks won the NFC west last year, sowhat…it was with a 9-7 record.

· Seattle’s defense dipped to 26th last year.

· The Seahawks defense gave up more points lastyear than the offense scored.

· Matt Hasselbeck is now in the prime of hiscareer, is he ready to play like it?

· Shaun Alexander would rather be carrying theball for someone else.

Alexander wants the ball, Holmgren wants a balancedattack. Maybe it’s the water in Seattle, maybe it’s the the castof “ME FIRST” players, but the fact remains, the Seahawks willplay down to their competition, and struggle to get to 8-8. Especiallywith way the NFC West has improved.


· The 49ers will again have the first pick inthe draft next year.

· San Francisco had two wins last year, bothagainst the Cardinals. The Cardinals have greatly improved. The49ers will go 0-16.

· Kevin Barlow and TE Eric Johnson are qualityplayers and Alex Smith will be a good one.

· The 49er “O” line gave up 52 sacks last year,if Smith doesn’t start, it’s only because the San Fran coachesdon’t want him crippled in his rookie season.

The San Francisco brass believes that at leastthe worst is behind them, Sorry Guys…The worst is still to come.

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