What BETs Have the Best Odds in a Casino?

In sports betting, the favorite teams to win often have low-value odds. In online casinos, the opposite is true. The best casino games are those with high-value odds. Games with a house edge of 5% or less, 50/50 chances of happening or higher are the best. Below are the top online casinos to play.

European Roulette

When you spin the European roulette betting the ball to land on a red colored pocket, the odds of losing your money are 50%. At the same time, you have a 50% chance of winning the game. There is a house edge of 2.7%, meaning the house wins slightly more often than players. Still, roulette is one of the best games to play at a casino.

When not wagering what color pocket the ball lands on, you could bet whether the ball lands on an odd or even number. This also comes with odds of 50%. There are 18 odds and 18 evens in the European roulette. There is also a number 0 but most houses don’t pay when the ball lands on it.

Roulettes also come with more bets, each with varying odds. Betting on the exact number comes with odds of 37/1. More bets on the game include columns, dozens, splits ad straight up bets.

Blackjack 21

With a house edge of only 1%, Blackjack is your best bet in a casino. You mostly play against the dealer, which at least helps minimize risks. If you draw cards whose total value is higher than that of the dealer but not higher than the number 21, you win. It’s that simple.

To make the game interesting, you’re allowed to split cards if they hold the same value. What this means is that you can place two different bets in one game. You receive hands for each bet and dealer against the dealer every time.

Blackjack also allows you to insure your bet so that if the dealer wins, you only lose half of your money. You can also double your bet if you think the next card will take the total value of your cards to a winning number.

Video Poker

Like blackjack, video poker games carry a low house edge of 1% or less. Again, you play against the dealer in an RNG game. To some people, this carries the disadvantage that the RNG may be programmed to be smarter than you.

However, video poker is not impossible to win. If anything, you can easily beat the house by following a good gaming strategy. Place low blinds and fold if your first two or three hands don’t produce valuable cards. Increase your bets when you have three of a kind or higher and you could double your stake within a short period of time.

Like most casino games, there are different variations of video poker on 24onlinecasinos and other sites. Most of them feature different kinds of themes, have varying soundtracks and special rules to help choose your bets accordingly.


Baccarat is yet another casino games with lucratively high odds. The game has a 1% house edge and features rules that are similar to those of blackjack. In Las Vegas, Baccarat is played with 8 decks. Online, most casinos give out 6 decks. It’s a card game but the Ace of spades has a value of one instead of 11. Face cards and the number 10 cards count as 0 while numbers 2-9 cards hold their exact values.

The goal of baccarat is to produce cards whose total value amounts of 9 or a number close to that but better than that of the dealer. If you’ve played blackjack before, you’ll probably also like Baccarat. Unlike 21, the risks of busting are minimized by removing one digit in all cards greater than 9. If you draw a 13, the digit one is removed and you’re left with a card whose value is 3.

Baccarat is also special in that you can wager on ties, the banker or the player. The banker acts more like the dealer in blackjack. She draws cards after watching the moves made by the player. According to stats, the banker wins more often than the hand, making it the better bet in Baccarat.


In the debate about casino games with the best odds, slots always receive a bad rap. Few people acknowledge that slots are unique in numerous ways. Your experience in one game doesn’t reflect in the other. Because of this, there are good slots low house edges and bad slots you should avoid.

The best brand new online casinos 2019 feature large collections of slots to allow you to choose your ideal kind of games. Most people choose games with high jackpots but these are not always the best games to play.

The best slots for someone looking for games with good odds of winning are those with high RTP rates. Short for return to player, RTP shows the percentage of gambled money that goes back to players as wins. A game with a 99% RTP means it pays out 99% of the money wagered with the casino keeps the remaining 1% as profits.

Live Hold ‘em Poker

Unlike video poker, live poker involves playing against other people. Everyone receives two cards in the beginning and more cards are drawn as the game continues. The odds of receiving high-value cards are equal to everyone else’s. However, it’s how you play poker that determines how successful you will be at the game.

Practice playing Hold ‘Em, use the right strategies and you could become successful as it is nearly as good as Phil Ivey is.

To Conclude

Like sports betting, odds are important when finding good games to play. Most casino games feature amazing graphics and great gameplay, but the odds of winning are slim. As such, look beyond the outward appearance.

With slots, check the game’s RTP. Games with RTP rates of 96% or higher are easier to win than those with lower RTP rates. Table games are generally better than slots when it comes to paying out but failing to use good strategies or skills will always result in losses.